Electronic Key Impressioner

Looks like aren’t all as cut out to be – not if Steve Randall and Ted Schwarzkopf have their way with their Electronic Key Impressioner. This device ought to be able to create a replacement car key without the need for its ID code, and this is news which would definitely prick the ears of locksmiths as well as those who want to steal cars. All you need to do is plug the Electronic Key Impressioner into the car keyhole, align it properly, hook it up to a computer via USB where the right code will run after you choose the appropriate car type. Don’t get all too excited just yet as the software currently works with Fords only, but expect to see more vehicles supported down the road. According to its inventors, this unique key cloner will be made available to authorized locksmiths only, but one bad apple among them could spoil the whole party.

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