Battery swap station

One of the major annoyances that we face while driving green vehicles that run on electricity is the long time it takes to get those batteries recharged. Especially when you’re in a rush and you can’t afford to wait around for an hour to get your car charged, you’re basically in trouble if your car doesn’t run on a secondary fuel (like the Nissan LEAF). Well, thanks to an Israeli company called Better Place, such problems will be a thing of the past (provided the solution gets adopted worldwide). They have come up with the concept of a battery replacement station. When you drive your cars into one of these stations, instead of charging your car’s battery, you drive over a platform that has automated robot arms to remove your exhausted battery and replace it with a new fully charged one. This whole process is said to take only a few minutes, as opposed to the hours you would have to wait charging your car’s battery normally. The first station in Israel has already been launched and Better Place intends to open 8 more similar stations throughout this year. Hopefully car manufacturers will all think alike and start building their electric powered vehicles with similar battery placement to be compatible with these stations. Hit the break to watch a video demo of the battery replacement station:

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