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Vizio Launches New High-End Google Cast Speakers
Vizio is a brand best known for providing premium products at relatively low prices. For example, the company’s 4K TVs cost lower than what a similar 4K TV from Sony or Samsung would. The company also creates audio products and today it announced the launch of new premium Google Cast-enabled speakers – the SmartCast Crave 360 and SmartCast Crave Pro.

LeEco Acquires Vizio For $2 Billion
Once again, the rumors were true. The tech world was bubbly about a possible acquisition of Vizio by LeEco. Now the terms are official, and LeEco has said “why” it pulled the trigger on this acquisition. LeEco will now own Vizio’s Hardware and Software businesses, but the brand will remain as a subsidiary, at least for now.

Vizio M-Series TV Now Sports An Android Controller
We do know that Vizio is a company that churns out really, really affordable TVs without having to compromise on the hardware, not to mention that some of their TV sets could eventually arrive with Chromecast built into it. This time around, we have received word that the Vizio M-Series TVs will now boast of an Android controller, while those who decide to opt for the E-Series will be able […]

Vizio P-Series TVs Come With Google Cast Integrated Into It
Last month we reported that Google and Vizio could be teaming up and create televisions that come with Google Cast built into it, the same technology behind Google’s Chromecast devices. Turns out the rumors were true because Google has since announced on their Chrome blog that Vizio’s P-series TVs, soundbars, and speakers will come with Google Cast integrated into them.


Vizio TV Sets Could Soon Come With Chromecast Built Into It
Right now the Chromecast accessory exists as an external device that users have to plug to their TVs. The upside is that they’re small enough where it won’t really be much of an eyesore, and it also makes it easy to remove and attached to another TV in another room. However all of that could soon change, according to a report from Variety.

Vizio Smart TV ‘Spies’ On Viewers?
Is it any wonder that smart devices in this day and age have the capability to be able to “spy” on you? It looks like the Vizio Smart TV is one of those devices, where it tracks the way you watch your TV and – horror of horrors, will share out that particular data with third parties. This data collecting feature has been turned on by default right out of […]

Vizio Introduces More Affordable 4K TVs
There’s a reason why 4K isn’t a household technology around the world and that’s because most 4K televisions can cost more than what most people earn in one month. That obviously makes it much harder for a major segment of the market to spend money on 4K TVs. Fortunately there are companies out there who want to make this technology affordable, Vizio is one of them. The company today announced […]

Vizio E Series TVs Recalled
If you juggle with a tight budget every single month, you would know that it can be pretty difficult trying to purchase a new gadget at the same time balance the cheque books with all of life’s daily necessities. Having said that, Vizio has always done a pretty good job when it comes to rolling out a TV for the budget minded that does not break the bank, without sacrificing […]

Vizio's 4K Televisions Priced As Low As $999.99
It was just recently that Vizio announced their new lineup of television sets that were able to playback 4K video and came in sizes ranging from 50-inches up to a whopping 70-inches. Now given that these are 4K television sets, we’re sure many of you guys are thinking that just like other 4K TVs we’ve seen recently at CES 2014 that they will come with a pretty hefty price tag […]

VIZIO Announces P-Series Ultra HD Full-Array LED Smart TV Range
[CES 2014] Vizio, the folks behind reasonably priced TVs that offer plenty of bang for your hard earned buck, has just announced that they will be offering the P-Series which is touted to be the “most complete Ultra HD solution”, where it will boast of advanced picture quality, powerful performance and a beautifully simple Ultra HD experience that will hopefully deliver what consumers would like to see in a Smart […]

VIZIO Next Generation Smart TV Platform Unveiled
I am quite sure that many of us have come to know VIZIO as a company that dishes out plenty of bang for your hard earned buck when it comes to their TV range. Well, this time around, VIZIO decided to announce the availability of its all-new connected platform, where it has been dubbed as the VIZIO Internet Apps Plus. VIZIO Internet Apps Plus will merge a best-in-class connected TV […]

Vizio MT11X-A1 Windows 8 Tablet Ships For $600
Vizio makes their MT11X-A1 tablet available for sale.

VIZIO Launches 80-Inch Razor LED Smart TV For $4000
VIZIO has launched its 80-inch Razor LED Smart TV, with a retail price of $3999.99.

VIZIO M-Series Razor LED TV Available
At CES 2013, Vizio had announced and showed us their 2013 line of LED TVs and it looks like the M-Series Razor is finally available for those who are looking for a TV upgrade. In my opinion, this is a very nice upgrade from last year’s line-up since both the design and performance of the TVs have been improved. VIZIO is in the business of building products which have a […]