bionicopterNow here is a robot that is worth drooling over – after all, mechanical items that fly around, zipping here and there definitely help set the tone for a tech and gadget blog like ours. The BionicOpter is a robotic version of the dragonfly, where it is inspired by one of nature’s more interesting insects. Dragonflies are able to hover in mid-air naturally, maneuver in all directions, as well as glide without having to beat its wings, and the good people over at the German pneumatic and electric automation company known as Festo decided to challenge themselves by coming up with the BionicOpter.

Sporting a 63cm wingspan, the BionicOpter will have a quartet of wings in addition to a carbon fiber frame which is covered by a polyester membrane. It is capable of being twisted up to 90 degrees from the horizontal, and if you were to take a measuring tape to measure it from tip to tail, the BionicOpter would be 44cm long. A couple of LiPo cells power this puppy, where it is remotely controlled via a smartphone or digital spectrum transmitter using a 2.4 GHz wireless module.

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