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Nokia Lumia 928 Render Leaked In White [Rumor]
Within the past 24 hours, a supposed leak of the Nokia Lumia 928 with Verizon branding hit the Internet. Today, we’re seeing another possible leak of the Nokia Lumia 928, but this time, in white.The white Nokia Lumia 928 possibly leaked renders looks exactly like the device that was leaked yesterday, but of course the main difference between the two being this one comes in white. We’re pretty sure the […]

White Nokia N9 coming your way
It seems that the color white is an attractive one for hardware manufacturers to roll out – case in point, the white iPhone making quite the splash when it was first announced, and since then, we have had different colored hardware making their mark as well. Nokia’s effort with the ill-fated N9 is not yet over, as the Finnish handset manufacturer has just announced that they will be introducing a […]

Motorola Droid RAZR gets a shade of white?
I do not really fancy white gadgets, as they tend to soil far too easily, and scratches as well as blemishes are easily spotted. Still, that has not stopped hardware manufacturers from churning out white colored devices as they tend to attract plenty of attention (and sales figures, I might add) for some strange reason. Perhaps having a white phone or a white camera depicts a more “pure” owner? I […]

White Nokia N9 now official, current N9 to receive a software update
Despite the N9 being Nokia’s first and last MeeGo phone, it looks like the company won’t be leaving it alone. Today, Nokia announced that it will be releasing a white variant of the N9, and for folks who already own an N9 phone – they will be getting a software update in the future as well. The software update includes usability improvements (i.e. music controls from the lock screen and […]


Classic White PlayStation 3 for Europe and Australia this November
Just in time for the winter holiday, it looks like Sony will be milking the PlayStation 3 for what it’s worth – again. Looking like it would fit right in with the rest of the décor in a “white Christmas” living room, the Classic White PlayStation 3 will be available exclusively in Europe and Australia. Released in Japan almost a year ago, the Classic White PlayStation 3 won’t be any […]

White HTC EVO 3D at RadioShack
We all know that the HTC EVO 3D was first introduced in RadioShack stores some weeks back, but if you do not take to a black colored version that seems to be far too businesslike, and would very much prefer a white model that reminds you of your beloved iPhone 3GS, then here is a snippet of good news – RadioShack will be offering an exclusive white HTC EVO 3D […]

Another white iPod touch component surfaces
With the hype around the next-generation iPhone being so great, most people are forgetting that September is usually the month that Apple reserves for the refreshing of their iPod line of portable music players. A few day ago we reported that spare parts for a white iPod touch was spotted, and if you were looking for further proof that there will indeed be a white iPod touch, yet another component […]

White iPod Touch on the way? (Continued)
While everyone is talking about the iPad 3 or the iPhone 5, nobody seems to be paying any attention to the 3G-less little sibling of the two devices – the iPod Touch. Well, it looks like a white variant of the iPod Touch might be on the way. The folks over at iFixDirect managed to get their hands on some spare parts for the iPod Touch – that happen to […]

White HP TouchPad spotted in the wild
With the HP TouchPad on sale for $99, it’s pretty much impossible to get your hands on one at this point of time, let alone a white-colored version of the tablet. Well, one lucky webOSroundup forum member managed to snag one before HP announced the discontinuation of webOS devices and started recalling them from stores nationwide. He had placed the order the day it went up for sale in the […]

White DROID Incredible 2 arrives on Verizon Wireless
Do you think that Apple tends to take the lead when it comes to industrial design of their devices? White phones were never really in vogue, but I guess the presence of a white iPhone certainly changed things around. Of course, there is always the white BlackBerry model as well, but frankly speaking, which handset is sexier and easier on the eyes? I personally don’t really like white phones as […]

White iPhone 4 Nano clone spotted in China
Remember the iPhone 4 Nano clone that was spotted awhile ago? Well the folks over at Giz-China found another version of the phone, this time sporting more features not present in the previous version. The new iPhone 4 Nano clone also comes in a white paint job – just like the recently released white iPhone 4.

HP Veer spotted in white
The folks at PocketNow are sure on a roll. After leaking out a bunch of Verizon phones previously, they now have gotten their hands on some new phones headed to AT&T. And this time, it’s none other than the upcoming HP Veer – one of HP’s upcoming webOS phones.Previously only seen in black, the mini smartphone was introduced earlier this year along with the Pre 3 and TouchPad. These brand […]

White iPhone 4 slightly thicker than black iPhone 4
It looks like Apple’s white iPhone 4 might not be perfect – folks who purchased the white iPhone 4 after its launch yesterday might have noticed that the device is slightly thicker than the original black iPhone 4. It’s barely noticeable when held in the hand as the difference is only about 0.2mm. But if you attempt to attach your favorite, snug-fitting case from your old iPhone 4 to your […]

Apple says creating the white iPhone 4 was difficult
Now we all know that the white iPhone 4 will finally arrive tomorrow, and the question on everybody’s lips has been – why did it take so long? Was it a deliberate marketing ploy? Was it some sort of sales tactic? We still don’t know the answer, but what we do know is that it was difficult to create. Previous rumors pegged the white iPhone 4 as having problems with […]

White iPhone 4 goes on sale tomorrow
If there’s one company that knows how to re-sell old products, it’s Apple, and tomorrow you can be sure there will be a whole line of people lining up to buy an iPhone 4 again – this time, it’ll be for a white variant. Apple has officially announced that starting tomorrow, April 28, we’ll see the legendary white iPhone 4 in Apple’s online store, Apple’s retail stores, AT&T and Verizon […]

White iPhone 4 spotted at Best Buy page
The fabled white iPhone 4 which will supposedly arrive in Europe this coming Wednesday, April 27th (at least in the Netherlands), is also being tipped for a Stateside release as well on the same day. At least, that’s what this source over at Best Buy claims, coming in the form of an inventory screenshot that details the exact same date.What we see here would be the AT&T, GSM-compatible model of […]

White iPhone 4 arriving in UK on April 20? Too good to be true
Earlier today, a tweet from Three (a carrier from the UK) announcing that the white iPhone 4 was now available for order on their website. There was a special promotion to get the iPhone 4 for £159 on a £35/month plan with the date for earliest delivery date stated as “Wednesday 20 April 2011”. Obviously, many people rushed to purchase the phone upon finding out. However, it turns out that […]

White iPhone 4 spotted in leaked Verizon inventory listing
After months of false hopes, countless leaks, and tormenting teases – the white iPhone 4 will finally make its way into the hands of consumers. The legendary white iPhone 4 has somehow managed to find its way out of its fantasy world and into ours. Earlier today, the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple had confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be arriving this spring. Well since the end […]

White iPhone 4 confirmed by Apple
Yesterday it was rumored that the white iPhone 4, due to arrive next month is currently in production. According to the latest report from the Wall Street Journal, Apple has confirmed that the white iPhone 4 will be arriving this spring, which means the wait won’t be too long. With rumors of the iPhone 5 being delayed until the end of the year, the white iPhone 4 might help keep […]

White iPhone 4 to arrive in April, says analyst
How much more money can Apple milk out of their iPhone 4? A lot more, apparently. According to reports online, an analyst claims that Apple will be releasing the fabled white iPhone 4 sometime next month. Apple has supposedly made changes to the “film material” used on the inside of the outer-casing that caused laminating issues with the white models. First it was stories about the camera not working properly, […]