White iPhone 4 Nano cloneRemember the iPhone 4 Nano clone that was spotted awhile ago? Well the folks over at Giz-China found another version of the phone, this time sporting more features not present in the previous version. The new iPhone 4 Nano clone also comes in a white paint job – just like the recently released white iPhone 4.

This time they got the front facing camera to work on its Java-based clone iOS operating system. This version also has a TV tuner (a feature most Shanzai phones seem to carry) but other than that it’s just like the black iPhone 4 Nano. The same resistive touchscreen, 1.3megapixel rear camera and same tiny form factor.

It is on sale for $58 as well, and it looks like it could be a popular device – it makes you wonder if Apple will ever come up with such a variant of its iPhone in the future. Would you buy a mini-sized iPhone 4 if Apple produces one? Or is the current size already too small for you? Check out more pictures at Giz-China.

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