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Boot Camp For Mac Pro Will Only Support Windows 8 Or Higher
If you’re planning on getting your hands on the Apple’s brand new Mac Pro and were thinking about dual booting both OS X and Windows thanks to the Boot Camp software, you might want to take note that for the Mac Pro, Boot Camp will only support the installation of Windows 8 or later.What this means is that OS X users who want to dual boot Apple’s platform and Windows […]

VLC For Windows 8 Now Available In The Windows Store
Just yesterday we reported that the VLC team had announced that the app for Windows 8 was still in the process of being certified. Well the good news is that if you’re a Windows 8 user looking for an optimized version of VLC for your computer, you might be pleased to learn that the app has since been certified and is now available for download via the Windows Store.Naturally the […]

VLC For Windows 8 Still Awaiting Certification
Just the other day we reported that the VLC developer team had submitted their VLC for Windows 8 app to the Windows Store and were waiting for it to be certified before it would be released. It was expected that it would have been released a couple of days ago, but unfortunately it seems that it is still in certification.This was confirmed by the folks at VLC who have posted […]

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Direct Download Links Leaked
According to the reports, Microsoft’s Windows 8.1 Update 1 is most likely set for a release in April, although we did note that according to earlier reports, the Microsoft had already signed off on the final build which would suggest that it’s good to go, leading to the possibility that a leaked build could make its way online.Well sure enough it has. In fact one of the ways Windows 8 […]


VLC For Windows 8 Could Be Released On 10th March
VLC has long been available for the Windows platform, although the developers have been hard at work trying to create a version fully optimized for Windows 8. Last we heard, it was suggested that the app would be close to being released, but that was back in December 2013.The good news is that now according to a recent tweet by VLC, it seems that the app is ready and could […]

Popular Twitter Client MetroTwit Bites The Dust
If you’re a Windows user and have searched for third party Twitter clients, chances are that you might have come across MetroTwit in some list. Initially launched back in 2012, MetroTwit quickly became one of the most popular Twitter clients for Windows, later on the team also released a Modern UI version for Windows 8. Unfortunately, it has reached the end of the road. The team has announced today that […]

Windows 8.1 Update 1 Final Build Reportedly Approved
According to the reports, Microsoft’s Windows update, Windows 8.1, is expected to make its way out to users and developers in April. In fact last we heard, the update could be released to developers on the 2nd of April, while regular users can look forward to the update on the 8th of April.Well the good news is that it looks like those dates could be on track and that we […]

Windows 8 License Sales Cross 200 Million
Recently it was rumored that Microsoft is going to talk about Windows 9 at its BUILD conference presumably because it wants the next major Windows update to start fresh. Apparently it doesn’t want to launch it under the Windows 8 moniker due to the slow pace this particular iteration of Windows is moving at. While that is far from being confirmed, Tami Reller of Microsoft today revealed at a Goldman […]

Upgrade Windows XP To Windows 8, Microsoft Urges Holdouts
Windows XP has had a great run, it was undeniably one of the most popular Windows iteration that Microsoft has ever created. Its severely outdated now, succeeded by the likes of Windows 7 and Windows 8. On April 18th, Microsoft is finally going to cut the cord, it will no longer provide support for the OS. This means no security patches, no updates and certainly no bug fixes. The company has been […]

HP Clarifies They Are Not Dropping Windows 8
Microsoft’s latest desktop operating system is Windows 8, but it seems that the platform might not be as well-received as Microsoft would like. In fact a recent ad and announcement by HP seemed to highlight that. Just last week, HP announced that they will be bringing back their Windows 7 PCs, which were apparently due to “popular demand”, suggesting that HP might not have as much faith in the Windows […]

HP Windows 7 PCs Are Back By 'Popular Demand'
Windows 8 wasn’t adopted as enthusiastically as Windows 7. The public has different opinions about the former, some dislike the touch UI and say that it shouldn’t have been introduced for desktop PCs, where some like the new UI changes that Microsoft has made. Microsoft might have relied upon OEM partners to push its latest Windows iteration through their products, which would definitely help in increasing adoption as well as shaping […]

Chrome 32's Release Brings Chrome OS-like UI To Windows 8
Microsoft’s Windows operating system and Google’s Chrome OS can be considered rivals of sorts, but it looks like Google might have fired the first shot as they have officially released the final version of Chrome 32 for Windows 8 after it had been in beta for a fairly lengthy period of time. If you’re thinking isn’t Chrome already available on Windows 8? Well yes it is, but with the release […]

Firefox For Windows 8 Sees A March 18th 2014 Release
When it comes to browsers on our computers, we have a few options to choose from. We have the default Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla’s Firefox, just to name a few, and the good news for Firefox fans is that if you were waiting for the company to release a Windows 8 version of the browser, you might be in luck as the software’s Wiki page has recently […]

Viber For Windows 8 Released
It was slightly more than a week ago when we brought you word on how Viber offers phone call capability now, and here we are with word that Viber for Windows 8 has rolled out. Just a little bit of history lesson before we continue – Viber first rolled out on the desktop back in May earlier this year, offering support for the PC and Mac platforms. This time around, […]