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VLC For Windows Phone, Windows 8.1 Delayed
According to various reports in the past as well as hints by the developer, it was suggested that VLC for Windows Phone is pretty close to seeing a release. In fact the reports had stated that the app for Windows Phone could be released this month, but unfortunately till now we have yet to see the app making its way to Windows Phone handsets.Well as it turns out the app […]

HP Continues Promoting Windows 7 Over Windows 8
While Windows 8 might be the latest operating system from Microsoft, it seems that the Redmond company is having a hard time trying to convince its OEM partners to promote and use the operating system. In fact it seems in HP’s latest round of advertising and promotions, the company has focused on Windows 7, instead of Windows 8.HP recently sent out emails to its customers where they are boasting about […]

Hearthstone Update Adds Official Support For Windows 8 Touch Devices
Hearthstone is Blizzard’s latest game and it borrows characters and some lore from their Warcraft franchise. For those unfamiliar, it is a card-based game where gamers can build decks and face off against other gamers, just like Magic: The Gathering and the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game.Now Hearthstone is available on a bunch of different platforms, like the iPad and desktop, but the good news is that if you’re […]

Cortana Will Eventually Arrive On Windows And Xbox [Rumor]
So a couple of months ago at their BUILD 2014 conference, Microsoft announced their voice assistant program, Cortana. As you might have realized by now, Cortana is only available on the Windows Phone platform, although job listings last month seems to suggest that a launch on Windows might not be a stretch of the imagination.This seems to have been confirmed by an alleged Microsoft employee going by the handle Talderon […]


Microsoft Strikes Back At China Concerning Windows 8
Microsoft is not too pleased to hear that China claims Windows 8 is being used to monitor users, and the software giant has taken to Weibo (which happens to be China’s version of Twitter, so to speak) in order to stake claims that such allegations are baseless and have no strong leg to stand upon. Apparently, it all began with China requesting Microsoft to increase the support for Windows XP, […]

China Criticizes Windows 8, Claims It Will Be Used To Monitor Users
China is a country known for their heavy censorship on the internet and have gone to great lengths to try and limit the scope of foreign internet websites and services that can be accessed within the country. This has resulted in China creating local versions of popular internet services, like Youku, Weibo, Alibaba, and so on.Now previously China had stated that they would be banning the installation of Windows 8 […]

Toshiba Encore Windows Tablet In The Pipeline
The Toshiba Encore 8 happens to be a Windows-powered tablet that comes with an 8” display, where it carries the model number WT8-A32. Having said that, one can only wonder whether the upcoming Toshiba WT10 will be a 10” tablet that is set to light up the tablet industry. This particular tablet recently popped up at the WiFi Certification website, where it has been specially described to be an ultra […]

China Bans Windows 8 From Government Computers
When it comes to protecting their privacy and their people from influence from the outside world, China is pretty strict. We’ve seen the country impose pretty strict censorship laws, and it was only recently that they allowed console manufacturers to officially sell their products in the country.This is why it hardly comes as a surprise to learn that China has recently announced that they will be banning the use of […]

Microsoft: Japanese Bank Upgrades 30,000 Terminals To Windows 8 From Windows XP
The race against time is on, as machines that run on Windows XP would soon be at a disadvantage as no more security updates will be offered for that particular platform, as Microsoft hopes that the world would make the jump to the Windows 8 platform. Having said that, plenty of banks worldwide have ATMs and computers that run on Windows XP, and these have been urged to make the […]

Windows Start Menu Really Coming Back
As the world switched to Windows 8, one of the most annoying fact or “pain point” as Microsoft would say, was the departure of the Start Menu, which a whole lot of people used as a hub to search for files and get to find apps that use less frequently. The Start Menu button was just “gone”, and boy, user were unhappy to have to hack their way to a […]

Users Migrating From Windows XP Prefer Windows 7 Over Windows 8
In about a week Microsoft is going to kill support for Windows XP, one of the most popular iterations of its operating system. It has been around for a long, long time and there are still a lot of users out there who haven’t updated to subsequent iterations. The company has been trying to raise awareness about the potential threats that may rise after support for Windows XP is stopped. […]

Microsoft "Strongly" Encouraging OEMs To Bundle OneNote With Windows 8.1
Many years ago, there were some who were outraged that Microsoft bundled Internet Explorer with every copy of Windows where they were accused of monopolizing the browser market, which at that time consisted of fewer players than there are today. Could Microsoft soon be landing themselves into another similar predicament with Windows 8.1?According to a leaked memo, it seems that Microsoft has recently begun to share the Windows 8.1 Update […]

Former Firefox Developer Explains Mozilla's Decision To Drop Its Modern UI Project
We know that Mozilla has been hard at work creating a version of Firefox that would run on Windows 8’s Metro UI. Unfortunately a day right before the app was supposed to be released, Mozilla announced that they would be killing off the project, claiming that because not many people ran Windows 8 in the Metro environment that it didn’t make sense for them to release it.It was a valid […]

Microsoft Employee Responsible For Windows 8 Leaks Arrested
Leaking information like company information, software, and so on can land a person in pretty hot water. If you might recall it was about a couple of years ago when copies of Windows 8 began making their way around the internet? It was discovered that a Microsoft employee by the name of Alex Kibkalo was the one responsible for those leaks.After a year’s worth of investigation, Kibkalo was recently arrested […]