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Slingplayer Windows 8 App Costs $15 After Free Trial Run Period
As far as we can remember, the release of Windows 8 (and of course, Windows 8.1 after that) has seen requests made by Slingbox customers for an app which will also be able to play nice on Windows 8 devices, and those will include a plethora of tablets, convertibles, laptops and desktop machines. Well, I suppose the gods of tech have heard you, since Sling Media recently announced that the […]

Firefox Start Screen For Windows 8 Version Spotted
The good people over at Mozilla are currently working on the latest version of the Metro/Modern user interface port, and right now, it seems to be on track for a release later in January next year. As of now, however, the online meeting notes for the Mozilla team members do show a rather interesting screenshot – that of a new start screen user interface for Firefox for Windows 8. This […]

HP EliteBook Revolve G2
HP launched the EliteBook Revolve G1 hybrid PC last year and today, the company announced its successor, the HP EliteBook Revolve G2. The second generation features the exact same chassis and gets a hardware update with the 4th generation of Intel Core i3/i5/i7 ULT processors. The new features include an improved pen experience with an improved palm rejection technology. The hand writing solution is provided by Atmel.Since it is the […]

Windows 8 Threshold Could Bring Back Full Start Menu Experience [Rumor]
When Microsoft first introduced Windows 8, it thought it could do away with the beloved “Start” button, which apparently they were wrong as Windows customers showed just how much they missed the button through feedback of the software. Windows 8.1 brought back the Start button, but it still doesn’t offer the traditional Windows Start button experience we’ve all become accustomed to. It looks like Windows 8.2 may finally give us […]


VLC For Windows 8's Metro Close To Being Released
Good news Windows 8 users, if you were looking forward to the Window 8 Metro version of the media player, you’re in luck because it seems that the app is close to being released. According to the team at VLC who posted on their Kickstarter page, the app had been submitted to the Windows Store, but apparently due to an audio crash, they failed to receive certification. While they’re working […]

Windows 8, Windows Phone 8 Will Be Getting Facebook One-Click Login
We’re sure many of you Facebook users have been enjoying how simple it is to log into several applications with nothing more than a simple press of the Facebook one-click login feature. Sure – the app could potentially end up ruining your feed with notifications, but the price of convenience is pretty expensive these days. For now, only Android and iOS users have been able to enjoy the one-click login […]

Facebook Launches Official App For Windows 8.1
We heard a dedicated Facebook app for Windows 8 was currently in the works just a few months ago, although we haven’t heard much of the application since its confirmation. Wonder now more about the Windows 8 dedicated Facebook application as its currently available on the Windows Store.

Windows 8.1 Is Now Available
It was earlier this summer when Microsoft officially unveiled what it would be improving in Windows 8.1, which included the often rumored Boot to Desktop option, the return of the Start button as well as a number of other improvements. Shortly after the unveiling, Microsoft announced it planned to release Windows 8.1 as a free upgrade for current Windows 8 users starting October 17. As you could probably assume by today’s date and […]

Windows 8 App Store Flooded With Rip-Off Nintendo Titles
Nintendo has had quite the rocky start for its Wii U, although its Nintendo 3DS handheld is certainly at its prime now that Pokemon X and Pokemon Y have been released. Nintendo has always been a pioneer in its first-party published games as they have such iconic characters as Mario, Link and Pikachu, which is why it isn’t completely surprising to learn the Windows 8 app store is currently littered with […]

Windows 8.1 Now Available For Pre-Order
Windows 8.1 is expected to be released on October 17, and Microsoft has already started ramping up the hype train for its upcoming release. Those who already own Windows 8 will automatically be able to upgrade their machines when Microsoft flips the switch on October 17, although if you plan on making the jump from Windows 7, the company has opened up pre-orders for Windows 8.1.

Firefox For Windows 8 Tablets Preview Launched
It was reported earlier this month that the release of Firefox for Windows 8 tablets has been delayed to January, 2014. Up till now the browser has been in the nightly development channel, from which it has now graduated. Mozilla today announced the launch of Firefox for Windows 8 tablets preview, it runs in Windows 8’s Metro UI mode as it has been coded from the ground up particularly for […]

Aero Glass Mod For Windows 8 Revealed
Earlier this year in February, it was reported that a programmer who prefers to be known as “bigmuscle” announced that he came up with the first version of a program that is called Aero Glass for Win8. Seasoned Windows users would know where this particular program is headed – the name itself implies that Windows 8 looks set to receive the cool aero glass transparent look, which was removed in […]

Windows 8 Finally Surpasses OS X's Market Share
While the Windows platform in general is obviously a more popular operating system than Apple’s OS X and other platforms, the numbers might vary when looking at individual versions, such as Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 8, and etc. Well the good news for Microsoft is that while Windows 8 might not have taken off the way that the company had envisioned, unlike Windows XP and Windows 7 […]

Foursquare For Windows 8 Now Official
When it comes to social networking apps, you could say that one of the most famous among them would be Foursquare, but that is also not to say that it is the most popular. Having already appeared on Windows Phone 8, here we are with word that it has finally made its way to the Windows 8 platform, which means Foursquare can now run on the Windows 8 PC and […]