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AMD Exec Believes Hybrid Devices Are The Future
Thanks to Microsoft’s Windows 8, we’re starting to see a fair number of hybrid devices being released into the market. For those wondering what we’re talking about, we’re talking about hybrid devices like laptops which have the ability to be transformed into a tablet with a touchscreen interface, albeit a rather big and heavy one. Thanks to the touch interface, interacting with your mobile computer has definitely changed, but is […]

New Microsoft Windows 8 Ad Has Siri Poking Fun At The iPad
Microsoft and their allies, Nokia, have not been shy at taking pot shots at their competitors, and in the latest Windows 8 ad, Microsoft seems to have taken Siri and turned it against Apple’s very own iPad! Basically the idea behind the ad was to show off what Windows 8 tablets can do, versus the iPad where we can hear Siri protest at how it can only do one thing […]

Leap Motion Gesture Controller Windows 8 Preview Ahead Of Beta
Leap Motion, the device built to bring touch-like gesture controls -without a touch screen- will enter into its beta phase soon. Before that, the company has posted a video to show what its vision for Leap Motion on Windows 8: watch the video above. The demonstration shows “real-world” use cases, including web browsing, zooming in and out test, navigating apps, movies and photos.

Microsoft Says It Pays To Upgrade To Windows 8
Microsoft wins either way when they recommend enterprises to make the jump to the latest version of their Windows operating system, touting that companies which do not migrate from Windows XP to Windows 7 or 8 could eventually end up spending more than three times the support costs, not to mention a far more dreaded result, that is being exposed to additional security risks. Microsoft has plans to discontinue support […]


Nokia Confirms Its Interest In Making Tablets
Today Nokia held the Lumia 925 launch event in London, where it not only unveiled this new Lumia device, it also admitted that it is very interested in making tablets. A Nokia tablet has been rumored for quite some time now, though the company has not explicitly confirmed that it currently has a tablet in the pipeline. The executive vice president of smart devices at Nokia, Jo Harlow, said that the […]

iTunes App For Windows 8 Not Arriving Anytime Soon
While Apple’s iTunes software is currently available for the desktop version of Windows 8, it seems that the Redmond company is interested in having a Metro version of the app, but it seems that Apple is rather reluctant to create an iTunes app for Windows 8. Speaking in an interview with CNN Money, Microsoft Windows CFO, Tami Reller, revealed that Microsoft had approached Apple to request them to create an […]

Microsoft Sells 100M Windows 8 Licenses
We know Windows Blue is expected to be released some time this year, but it looks like that’s not the only good news Microsoft has for Windows users today as they are also announcing Windows 8 has surpassed 100M licenses in its first six months of availability.“Windows 8 is a big, ambitious change,” Microsoft CMO and CFO Tami Reller wrote in a blog post highlighting today’s news. “While we realize that […]

Asus Hopes To Shake Up Tablet Market With Its Small Windows 8 Tablets
Today in an interview with The Wall Street Journal Asus CEO Jerry Shen said that he was very optimistic about the sales of Windows 8 tablets. He says that tablets powered by Windows 8 will see a significant growth in sales this year, and to achieve that 7-inch tablets powered by Windows 8 are going to be essential. This is true to some extent as almost all major manufacturers have […]

Amazon Leaks First Small-Screen Windows 8 Tablet
Up until now, there have yet to be any Windows 8 tablets that offer anything below a 10-inch screen, although we recently heard Microsoft was planning on introducing a 7-inch Surface tablet in the near future. It looks like Acer is one of the first companies to manufacture a smaller Windows 8 tablet as their device was accidentally outed by Amazon who displayed it on their website briefly.The confusion may have […]

Windows 8.1 May Update Applications In The Background
We’ve seen a number of Windows 8.1. leaks over the past couple of weeks, but a new report may bring another highly desired improvement to Windows 8.1.According to users who have installed the latest Windows 8.1 build, which is 9385, it looks as though a number of apps have automatically updated themselves in the background. Current Windows 8 users know that in order to update an application, they’re first notified of the […]

Acer Aspire R7 Hands On Review
Earlier this morning, one of the stars of Acer’s global presentation which took place in New York City was the Aspire R7. Acer called the Aspire R7 its notebook hybrid which not only re-imagines the layout of its keyboard and trackpad, but it also features a 15.6-inch screen which is mounted on an ezel hinge that makes it possible to move around to the user’s preference. We were able to […]

Acer Announces Aspire R7 Notebook Hybrid, Aspire P3 Ultrabook Convertable, Iconia A1 Android Tablet
Acer teased a “unique noteook” in a Star Trek trailer a few weeks ago, and earlier this morning, the company held a press event in New York City to unveil what they consider to be a unique notebook. We believed what Acer could be unveiling today could be a laptop / tablet hybrid, such as the HP Envy X2 or similar devices, and it looks as though that’s exactly what […]

Video Messaging Comes To Skype For Windows 8
Skype has been on a roll recently. They are making a lot of improvements to the service in order to make it easier for users to connect with people that they need to. Just last week, Skype was integrated with, allowing users to make calls directly from their email inbox. This integration with is due to the fact that Microsoft now owns Skype. Recently the video messaging feature was […]

Touchscreen Ultrabooks Prices Slashed At Microsoft Store
Touchscreen laptops are more expensive than conventional ones because developing touch displays for laptops is not cheap. Ultrabooks are available in the mid to high price ranges, with both conventional and touchscreen displays. Prices of several models have been slashed at Microsoft Store, making these high-end and mid-range Windows 8 powered laptops a tad more affordable. If you’re in the market for a new ultrabook, you might want to check […]

Acer Iconia W3 Windows 8 Tablet Purported Images Leaked
Microsoft is expected to make a lot of announcements at the Build Conference,which takes place in the last week of June. The company will reveal more information about the upcoming software updates, though quite a lot is already known courtesy of leaked builds. They’ll also be making hardware related announcements. Microsoft CFO Peter Klein has already confirmed that the company is working with OEMs on smaller Windows RT/Windows 8 devices. These […]

Windows 8.1 Preview And Windows Server 2012 R2 References Discovered In Leaked Build
Yesterday we reported that yet another Windows 8 build had been leaked on the internet. While it did not bring any substantial changes, the new Kiosk mode was discovered in this build. That’s not all though. References of Windows 8.1 Preview and Windows Server 2012 R2 have been unearthed in the code of this leaked build’s system files. The references mean it is highly likely that Windows Server 2012 and Windows […]

Windows 8.1 Will Reportedly Mark The Return Of The Start Button
We’ve been hearing some interesting rumors in regards to Windows 8.1 over the past few weeks, such as the next Windows update possibly including a “Boot to Desktop” option. It seems Microsoft may be considering bringing back the old feel of Windows with this option, and it might be taking it a step further as it’s being reported today Microsoft will bring back the much-missed Start button to Windows 8.1.The report […]

Microsoft, Google Operating Systems Will Reportedly Power Intel's Cheap Devices
Intel is reportedly working on cheap tablets and laptops. These new low cost devices will run on operating systems made by Google and Microsoft. Paul Otellini, CEO Intel, already said that touch devices could come with a price tag as low as $200. Though it does not necessarily mean that such a cheap tablet will run Windows 8, it’ll probably run Google’s OS. Right now a Windows 8 based tablet […]

New Windows 8 Leaked Build 9374 Shows Off Kiosk Mode
In the last two weeks we have seen two Windows 8 builds being leaked. Yet another build has been leaked and it shows off an entirely new feature, one that is quite exciting. Called Kiosk Mode, it is expected to be released with Windows 8.1 later this year. As far as this latest leaked build, 9374, is concerned there aren’t any substantial changes when compared to previous ones.The Kiosk Mode feature will […]

Microsoft Working With PC OEMs On Smaller Windows RT/8 Devices
If you fancy smaller tablet devices, like the Nexus 7, Amazon Kindle Fire, Galaxy Tab 7.7, and the iPad mini, you might be interested to learn that Microsoft has also expressed an interest in smaller devices as well and has confirmed that they are working on optimizing Windows RT and Windows 8 for smaller screen devices with the next update of the operating system. Microsoft did not state specifically that […]