wifisenseMicrosoft’s upcoming Windows 9 has seen a fair number of leaks so far, and this has caused a range of information to surface concerning the different features that will be made available when Windows 9 hits the market. It looks like yet another Windows Phone feature has made its way to the rumor mill, and the presence of Wi-Fi sense should not come as a surprise to everyone since we have already heard about the likes of Cortana as well as the notification center and a virtual desktop.

The Wi-Fi Sense feature was seen in a leaked build of the operating system, where it intends to make it a snap to sign into public Wi-Fi spots automatically – and it achieves this by remembering the credentials as well as entering them by default so that future visits will be more painless. For instance, if you tend to hang out at a particular coffee shop that has free secured Wi-Fi and log in on a regular basis, this feature will let you save the relevant login and password information, so that you can sign in automatically whenever it “senses” that availability of the said Wi-Fi hotspot.

Apart from that, Wi-Fi Sense will also sport a feature that will allow users to share their hotspot connection information with others over different channels – Outlook.com, Skype and Facebook. Perhaps more will be revealed when September 30 rolls around.

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