Microsoft is rumored to release a technology preview of the next Windows iteration in the near future which is why rumors about Windows 9 have picked up over the past couple of weeks. Windows 9 is reportedly going to have various new features including but not limited to Cortana integration. A purported Windows 9 leaked screenshot has been posted online which shows off the Cortana for PC integration for the very first time.

Earlier this year Microsoft unveiled Cortana, its digital personal assistant that debuted with Windows Phone 8.1. It was never a question of if Microsoft will ever expand Cortana beyond its mobile platform, it has always been a question of when it’ll do that. From the looks of things Microsoft is surely working to bring it to the desktop.

The leaked screenshot doesn’t entirely show Cortana’s user interface on Windows 9 but does reveal that in the early preview reminders with people information, time and location will be supported. Microsoft may bake Cortana’s power in the new search button that’s there on the taskbar but we may have to wait until future builds to see what Cortana for PC will really look like.

It is believed that the Windows 9 preview Microsoft will be releasing soon is going to be updated very frequently. Many features that aren’t complete in the initial release may be polished in future releases and that’s exactly what might happen with Cortana as well. We may only get to see its true integration and user interface once work on it is completely finished.

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