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Windows Phone 8 Portico Update Release Notes Posted
Nokia did announce that they will be introducing updates to their hot selling Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 smartphones in the US with their very own software update which many have come to call, Portico. Well, it is nice to know what you are getting underneath the proverbial hood with Portico, and Microsoft did everyone a favor by posting up the release notes for “Portico” on its Windows Phone 8 […]

AT&T Lumia 920 And Lumia 820 Portico Update
Late last night, we did mention that AT&T is very, very close to bringing an operating system update to both the Nokia Lumia 920 and the Nokia Lumia 820, two smartphones that are powered by the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Well, it seems that ‘Portico’, as this particular software update has been dubbed, will not be available to the other markets until February 2013, which is still a good […]

WhatsApp updated with Windows Phone 8 support
Last week we reported that popular instant messenger, WhatsApp, would be arriving on Windows Phone 8 soon, and true enough it looks like that is the case. In case you didn’t already realize, WhatsApp has recently been updated that will not only bring updates to Windows Phone 7.X devices, but it will now support Microsoft’s latest mobile platform, Windows Phone 8. This is probably good news for WP8 owners who […]

Facebook For Windows Phone 8 Released
So Facebook for Android has already reached version 2.0, ditching the relatively slow loading HTML5 code in some parts (or at least, that is what it feels like on select Android-powered smartphones), making the entire Facebook experience a whole lot smoother. Well, it seems that Android users are not the only ones to benefit from a new Facebook update, as Windows Phone 8 users too, are on the receiving end […]


Nokia Lumia 920 Update Promised
So the HTC 8X has already received its official Over The Air (OTA) update earlier this month, which more or less fixed the irritating random reboot issues, and where does this leave those who are rocking to the Nokia Lumia 920? Well, fret not, as apparently a tweet from someone over at Nokia has brought about much relief, such as the Lumia 920 being on the receiving end of a […]

Nokia Drive+ Beta For Windows Phone 8 Updated
Well, well, what do we have here? It seems that the Nokia Drive+ Beta app for Windows Phone 8 has just been given a bump to version 2.1, and as with any self-respecting software update would do, this particular version will be accompanied by its fair share of bug fixes, in addition to helping you enhance your overall battery life thanks to a more intelligent method of managing power consumption.For […]

WhatsApp For Windows Phone 8 Coming?
There are whispers going around that WhatsApp for Windows Phone 8 is just around the corner. In fact, it is touted that by the end of this week, those of you toting Windows Phone 8-powered devices will be able to get hold of this rather nifty app. Just in case you were wondering what WhatsApp is all about, this particular program has gained momentum and popularity across different mobile operating […]

Google Has No Plans To Build Windows Phone, Windows 8 Native Apps
Users of Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 are a proud bunch. A proud, probably lonely bunch who absolutely love Microsoft and believe in the Windows dream just as much as they do, but you may want to put down the Kool-Aid for a minute and hear what Google has to say in regards to creating dedicated applications for your platform of choice.Google Apps’ Product Content Director, Clay Bavor, said […]

HTC 8X Receives First Windows Phone 8 OTA Update
Hmm, it seems that the very first Over The Air (OTA) update for Windows Phone 8 is being pushed out, and guess out of all the Windows Phone 8 smartphones out there in the market, which would be the one to be the proud recipient? It seems that HTC’s 8X (read our comprehensive review) has been the chosen one. This is a departure from previous modus operandi, where one would […]

Windows Phone 8 Portico OS Update
Windows Phone 8 has not been out for that long yet, and here we are with word that the mobile operating system is about to be hit with an upcoming update, which is always a good thing. Originally referred to as Apollo+, it seems that this OS update is being whispered to be prepared for a February 2013 launch at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, where it is tipped […]

HTC 8X Review
The HTC 8X is probably the most readily available Windows Phone 8 smartphone in the USA, and so far, it did not seem to suffer from any shortage. This smartphone is available on the T-Mobile, AT&T and Verizon networks in various colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Black. These are the Windows Theme colors and so far, the public seems to be excited by the idea of getting a brightly colored […]

HTC HD2 Gets Windows Phone 8 Port
If there was an award for longevity where smartphones are concerned, then the HTC HD2 would certainly be in contention for top spot. First introduced to the world in 2009 (which can be deemed as an eternity in the world of technology), it is touted to be one of the most powerful phones ever to ship with Windows Mobile 6.5 on board. It is rather unfortunate that HTC and Microsoft […]

YouSendIt Windows Phone 8 App Announced
Remember a week ago when we talked about how YouSendIt is a Windows Phone 8 exclusive app? Well, the leading cloud file collaboration service has just been announced to be made available officially, being available only on both the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 smartphones as at press time. In short, those who own either one of these two Nokia devices are able to synchronize, store, sign and […]

Microsoft Pushing OTA Fix For WP8 Rebooting Issue Next Month
It was just last week when we mentioned that Microsoft is launching an investigation to finally fix the reported random boot issues on some Windows Phone 8 devices. Microsoft seems to have already identified the problem and is now zeroing on it. According to AllThingsD, the Redmond-based technology giant thinks that it has already spotted the root cause of the problem and it plans to push an over-the-air software update […]