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More Windows Phone 8 devices with larger screens from HTC coming?
Do you love indulging in a game of Tower Defense, no matter the “base” game? Well, if you have answered in the affirmative, surely you are experienced with the concept of enemy waves bearing down upon your carefully constructed (or not) towers to defend your base. Well, Ren Weiguang, president of HTC China, just mentioned casually that his company will be working on additional Windows Phone 8 devices that will […]

Huawei Ascend W1 targeted for end 2012 release?
Huawei does want to get involve in the Windows Phone 8 scene, and they recently targeted the Huawei Ascend W1 to be released before the year 2012 is over. It is widely believed that the Huawei Ascend W1 will show up alongside the higher end Huawei Ascend W2, although that remains to be confirmed. This would mean that Huawei will be yet another player in the Windows Phone 8 scene, […]

Instagram For Windows Phone May Arrive Soon
In a bid to push its Windows Phone platform to success, Microsoft has been trying hard to ensure the availability of all the popular apps for Windows Phone devices. In recent times, we have seen a number of popular apps from iOS and Android platforms become available in the Windows Phone Marketplace. One such example is the PayPal app for Windows Phone.It seems that Instagram is also on its way […]

Nokia Lumia range gets exclusive apps, Angry Birds Roost among them
So you are mulling over the thought of purchasing a brand new Windows Phone 8-powered Nokia Lumia 920 or Lumia 820 smartphone? Well, considering how the Windows Phone Marketplace now has over 100,000 apps and games combined, and there will be exclusive apps arriving for the new Lumias. First of all, the World of Red Bull app for Nokia Lumia will deliver a new and unique mobile experience that delivers […]


Report: Nokia to begin selling Lumia 920 in November
Just a couple of days ago, we saw how Nokia revealed the Lumia 920 and Lumia 820 Windows Phone 8-powered smartphones to the whole world, and we did come across rather impressed with their flagship Lumia 920. There was no announcement on a concrete release date or pricing details at the handset’s debut, although Nokia did mention a rollout before the year 2012 is over. Well, sources at European telecoms […]

Verizon Wireless to offer multiple Windows Phone 8 devices in Q4 2012
So, we have seen the Nokia Lumia 920 and Nokia Lumia 820 break new ground in the smartphone scene, especially when they work in tandem with the Windows Phone 8 operating system. Well, the question of just which carrier will offer support for Windows Phone 8 has been answered all too soon, with Verizon Chief Marketing Officer Tami Erwin informing CNET, “We’ll sell multiple Windows Phones in the fourth quarter.” […]

Nokia special event wrap-up
Well, it is a wrap – and we have certainly seen our fair share of thrills and spills today, with the new flagship from Nokia leading the way, the Nokia Lumia 920, that was accompanied by its less endowed sibling, the Nokia Lumia 820. Both of them will boast of ceramic features and a polycarbonate for that added touch of class and durability, and the PureView camera on the Lumia […]

Nokia Lumia 820 announced
So we took a gander at the Nokia Lumia 920 just a few minutes ago, and certainly something like the Nokia Lumia 820 is not going to wow the audience as much as the flagship model, but is the Lumia 820 worth looking at? Most definitely, as you know, different strokes for different folks come into play here. The Nokia Lumia 820 shares the same polycarbonate body as well as […]

Windows Phone 8 on Nokia Lumia 920 preview
Joe Belfiore from Microsoft has taken to the stage at this morning’s Nokia event in New York, showing off just what Windows Phone 8 is capable of on the new Nokia Lumia 920. Not all will be revealed though, so you can more or less say that this is a sneak peak – a preview before opening night. First off are some personalization options. Needless to say, it is always […]

HTC Planning A Windows Phone Event On September 19?
This year, September seems to be the official launch-month for a lot of companies. We have Nokia and Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 event lined up for the month. An iPhone 5 is expected on September 12th. And now, rumors have it that HTC is also planning something big come September 19th.The invitation from HTC seems to suggest that the company has plans of unveiling a Windows Phone 8 device at […]

Acer could release both Windows Phone 8 and Android devices in 2013
Back in July it was reported that Acer had plans to only release Windows Phone 8 handsets in 2013. However according to the folks at Digitimes, Acer’s president Jim Wong told them that they will only be releasing one Windows Phone 8 device in 2013, and 5 Android devices as well. Now as far as the mobile industry is concerned, Acer has been known for their computers and tablets like […]

Windows 8 companion app for Windows Phone 8 spotted
The Verge had gotten an exclusive look at what was deemed to be the Windows 8 companion app for the upcoming Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system. After all, it is well documented that Microsoft was working to retire its fair share of Zune desktop app features in recent memory, paving the way to move forward as the industry switches over to Xbox Music. Not only that,Microsoft has also worked […]

HTC Accord to be called the HTC 8X (Rumor)
I am not quite sure about you, but a name like the HTC Accord should remain as it is, instead of calling it a rather vague HTC 8X. It does make one wonder what happened to the preceding models which some might think to be the HTC 7X, HTC 6X, et cetera. Well, at least this was the latest bit of information gathered from a leaked copy of the HTC […]

Samsung reportedly looking to Microsoft to lessen their dependency on Google's Android
Assuming Samsung fails to appeal the court’s decision in their legal battle against Apple in the US, the Korean company will have to fork out a whopping $1 billion in damages. Perhaps looking to cut back on possible legal fees and to prevent further lawsuits from Apple, it has been reported (via Korea Times) that according to Samsung officials, the company is increasing the level of their partnership with Microsoft […]

Nokia Windows Phone 8 handset pic leaked
The customary blur image of a leaked photo has arrived yet again, this time around depicting the back of a Nokia handset that is powered by the Windows Phone 8 operating system. There has been speculation on the ground that this particular handset had been given teh codename “Arrow”, sporting a Pikachu yellow back that was seemingly taken by someone who was in a hurry, as though he or she […]

Windows Phone 8 targeted for October 29th release
Earlier this morning, we took a gander at a couple of Windows-powered devices from Samsung, where the Samsung ATIV S which runs off the Windows Phone 8 operating system was announced. Well, the phone did not receive an official release date just then, but whispers on the street point towards an October 29th release for Windows Phone 8, at least according to Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet. Foley cited an […]

Nokia Phi Windows Phone 8 specs "confirmed" by Eldar Murtazin
A week ago we reported that alleged photos of Nokia’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 handset, Phi, were leaked. While it remains to be seen as to whether those photos are indeed legitimate, famed Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin who seems to have the privilege of getting his hands on Nokia devices before anyone else, has spoken with Russian website Obozrevatel and basically “confirmed” the Nokia Phi’s specs. We say “confirm” because […]

Samsung Windows Phone 8 devices leaked
Samsung might have quite the Android-powered hit on their hands with the Samsung Galaxy S3 (and its predecessor, the Galaxy S2, of course), but that does not mean the company is about to put all of their eggs in a single basket. No sir, Samsung does seem to place some of their bets on Microsoft’s Windows Phone 8 platform with a couple of handsets running that operating system being leaked […]

Nokia Phi spotted?
Earlier yesterday morning, we managed to get a sneak peek at the front frame of an upcoming Windows Phone 8 device, which has been deemed to be a Nokia device, but just what kind of Nokia is it? This is the Nokia Phi as some might have figured out already, where the front frame comes with an updated logo for Windows Phone 8. A front facing camera is located next […]

Windows Phone 8 front frame leaked?
What you see above could very well be a front frame of an upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphone, which is slightly different from the previously leaked front screen or bezel. There has been plenty of rumors as well as official confirmation concerning Windows Phone 8 devices in recent times, but what you see above is slightly different, where it sports the branding on it, proving to those who believe […]