What you see above could very well be a front frame of an upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphone, which is slightly different from the previously leaked front screen or bezel. There has been plenty of rumors as well as official confirmation concerning Windows Phone 8 devices in recent times, but what you see above is slightly different, where it sports the Proto.nokia.com branding on it, proving to those who believe that this is a customary branding for the entire range of Nokia prototypes, no exceptions given.


Apart from that, there is also Nokia branding on the right side instead of it being centered, so does that mean Nokia is leaving some space for a mobile carrier’s logo? The leaked image of this alleged front frame measures approximately 4″ in size, and we have absolutely no idea whether this is the future of the Lumia range. What do you think of it – could it be just another half decent Photoshop job, or is it actually the real deal?

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