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Lava Reveals Xolo Win Q1000 Windows Phone Handset
Now here is a smartphone that you might want to consider picking up if you so happen to fall under all of the following three criterias – one, if you so happen to live in India, two, being a Windows Phone 8.1 user, and last but not least, happen to be working on a shoestring budget. Having said that, Lava of India has decided to refresh their Xolo range of […]

Lumia 635 With 1GB RAM Confirmed
If you have had set your sights on a smartphone like that of the Lumia 635 but have not been too happy with the fact that there is not enough RAM that comes along with the smartphone for your liking, fret not – it seems that the folks over at Microsoft has more or less remedied that particular situation by throwing in 1GB RAM into the Lumia 635. However, there […]

People Sense Is Microsoft's App For Finding Friends On Windows Phone
Microsoft seems to be developing a new app which is going to do what the Find My Friends app does on iOS, let people easily find their friends, provided that they’re on the same platform as them. Microsoft is reportedly developing an app called People Sense which would pretty much do the same thing, only the platform will be its own, Windows Phone. Bascially People Sense will tightly integrated Bing Maps […]

Windows Phone 8.1 GDR2 Release Seems Likely
The latest version of Microsoft’s mobile platform is Windows Phone 8.1 Update a.k.a GDR1. Microsoft has already released a public preview of Windows 10 for Phones but the preview isn’t available for all devices and there is still a lot of time remaining before the new software is released for everyone. Could Microsoft release a Windows Phone update in the interim? It certainly seems possible.


LG Windows 10 Smartphone Could Be Exclusive To Verizon
LG and Microsoft had a good relationship a few years ago. The Korean company was a launch partner for Microsoft’s mobile platform but it has been quite a while since LG developed a Windows Phone smartphone. It looks like the company is working on a new WP device that could be one of the first few smartphones to be released this year that will come with Windows 10 straight out […]

Microsoft Still Trying To Fix Lumia 535 Touchscreen Problems
Soon after the Lumia 535 was released users started complaining about touchscreen problems that they were facing on the device. Microsoft was quick to explain that this wasn’t a hardware issue and that it could fix things through a software update. So it released a software update but it doesn’t look like the update did the trick because the company is still trying to bury these problems once and for […]

Microsoft's 'Work Assistant' App Will Help Office Users On Windows Phone
Microsoft is reportedly testing a new app internally called “Work Assistant,” it is believed that co-founder Bill Gates in involved closely with this project. The app is available on the Windows Phone Store but can’t be installed since its marked as a private internal beta. Work Assistant is designed to help users with Office related tasks on Windows Phone.

Apple To Stop Development Of Beats Music App For Windows Phone [Rumor]
When Beats Music was first launched, it made its way onto iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, but with Apple acquiring Beats and given Apple’s notoriety for their closed ecosystem, many were wondering if they would continue supporting the app on other platforms. In some ways it would make sense if they did since they wouldn’t want to alienate any subscribers.That much is true as far as Android users are concerned, […]

ABI: Android Smartphone Shipments Saw A 5% Decline In Q4 2014
As it stands, Android is currently the platform with the largest market share at the moment, although this hardly comes as a surprise especially when you consider that there are so many different Android OEMs out there, so their combined might would undoubtedly be greater than say Apple or Windows Phone.However according to the latest stats released by ABI, it seems that global shipments of Android have seen a decline […]

Bank Of America Will Drop Windows Phone Support
It was not too long ago that we brought you word that Chase Bank would no longer support the Windows Phone mobile operating system, and when you see one of the market leaders make a move, what will the rest of the industry do? Bank of America, the second largest bank in the U.S., has decided to follow in Chase Bank’s footsteps – having made an announcement that they, too, […]

Windows Phone To Get FLAC Support, Too
It has been known for quite some time now that those who are going to rock to the Windows 10 operating system will be able to enjoy native access to the lossless audio format known as FLAC. Well, having said that, what about smartphones which run on the Windows Phone platform? Good news for audiophiles as well as those who would want close to perfect playback of their music – […]

Microsoft: 10.5 Million Lumia Handsets Sold In Q4 2014
It was an interesting move, albeit somewhat unsurprising and natural transition when Microsoft announced that they would acquire Nokia’s cellphone division. Given the close ties that Nokia and Microsoft had, the acquisition would basically give Microsoft the ability to churn out their own brand of smartphones, which they have started doing under the Lumia banner.That being, how has Microsoft’s Lumia sales been so far? As it turns out it looks […]

OneDrive For Windows Phone Gets Updated
It does seem as though everyone is going to migrate to the cloud in due time – and it would always be wise to store your important details there so that it will not get lost if your hard drive crashes, or your Blu-ray disc spoils. Of course, there is always the risk of having the cloud drive being hacked, but then again, is there really any 100% guarantee of […]

Viber For Windows Phone Updated With Number Blocking And More
Let’s face it, we’ve all received calls from people that we wish we could block, and while that might be a feature available on other VoIP apps, unfortunately such a feature was not available for Viber users on the Windows Phone platform, but the good news is that the app has been recently updated with some new features, and call blocking is one of them.