microsoft logoWith Microsoft officially completing their acquisition of Nokia, we’re sure many Windows Phone users are excited to see what the future holds for the platform, especially in terms of devices that we can now expect to see from Microsoft. So far we’ve seen the Lumia 535, a low-end handset that also marks it as the first official Lumia handset from Microsoft, but what about high-end devices?

When might we be able to expect a new flagship Windows Phone from Microsoft? Well if the rumors are to be believed, not anytime soon. According to a report from Geek On Gadgets, they have learnt that MWC 2015 will be a relatively low-key affair for Microsoft. The company is expected to show off low-mid range devices and that high-end smartphones will only be unveiled in September 2015.

In fact recent leaks have revealed devices like the Lumia 330 which appears to be another low-end handset from Microsoft, and the only rumblings we’ve heard about a high-end device is the Lumia 1030, which is apparently the cancelled Nokia McLaren. It is unclear as to why Microsoft will take so long to launch a flagship.

It is possible that Microsoft wants to wait for Windows 10’s release before they release a smartphone running that platform, but that’s just speculation for now, but either way it looks like we could be in for a long wait.

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