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Windows RT 8.1 Update Pulled From Windows Store
Earlier this week Microsoft finally started rolling out Windows 8.1, its much awaited update. Despite various builds being leaked over the last few months, there was quite a lot of anticipation and hype surrounding Microsoft’s latest Windows software update. Merely two days after making the update available, Microsoft has pulled the Windows RT 8.1 update from the Windows Store. The company says that the removal has taken place due to a […]

Windows Phone 8.1 Rumored To Drop Support For Hardware Back Button
The back button in Windows Phone devices is there to allow users who want to go back to other applications with ease, though if a new rumor is true, future devices might do away with this button altogether. Paul Thurrott, a man believed to have insights into Microsoft’s work, has heard from a single source that the support for a hardware back button will be eliminated in WIndows Phone 8.1. […]

Windows Phone And Windows RT To Merge Over Two Years [Rumor]
Rumor has it that Microsoft might be planning to merge Windows Phone and Windows RT over the next two years. Such a titanic feat can not be done overnight, that’s for sure. Apparently Microsoft will slowly merge both Windows Phone and Windows RT by releasing three regular GDR or General Distribution Release updates per year, for the next two years. The execution of this move will reportedly be seen by Terry Myerson, […]

Nokia 'Sirius' Tablet Might Be Called Lumia 2520
There has just been endless speculation about Nokia’s upcoming tablet. It is widely known as “Sirius,” which is believed to be its internal codename. The tablet reportedly runs on Windows RT and as per a recent rumor, it might be unveiled alongside the Lumia 1520. Nokia has scheduled an event on October 22nd, where it is said to unveil its new Windows Phone 8 phablet, the much rumored Nokia Lumia […]


Nokia 'Sirius' Tablet Launch Rumored Alongside Lumia 1520
A few days ago Nokia revealed that it is going to conduct an event on October 22nd. Up till now it has been believed that the company will unveil its first Windows Phone 8 phablet at the event, now it appears that perhaps there might be more in store. The infamous @evleaks tells us to look out for the “Nokia Sirius” next month, alongside “Bandit,” which is known as the codename […]

Nokia 'Sirius' Windows RT Tablet Purported Render And Specs Leaked
Time and again Nokia has been rumored to be working on a tablet. The company hasn’t detailed its tablet plans as yet, but it is believed that it might release a tablet later this year, which will possibly run Windows RT. Apparently the tablet is known by the “Sirius” codename inside the company. Nothing is official as yet, but a render and alleged specifications of Nokia’s tablet have leaked online.The “Sirius” […]

Windows RT No Longer Needed, According To Lenovo Exec
[IFA 2013] A number of OEMs have decided against creating products that run on Windows RT, with ASUS being the latest company to officially drop the stripped-down operating system. It looks like they’ll soon be in good company as Lenovo also shares the same feelings as ASUS’ chairman Jonney Shih does about Windows RT.

Additional Nokia Sirius Windows RT Tablet Details Leaked
We’ve been hearing a lot in regards to Nokia’s upcoming tablet, which we’ve even seen leaked photos of the device as well as specs just a few weeks ago. Today, it seems like we’re learning a bit more about the upcoming tablet made by Nokia due to a recently published report.

Alleged Nokia Tablet Photos Leaked
A Nokia tablet has been hinted at by the company’s CEO earlier this year, and it wasn’t too long ago that benchmarks of the alleged device surfaced, with specifications of the device accompanying it not too long ago, but what could the device look like? Well thanks to a recent leak, two images (pictured above) have surfaced and according to the leak, they are claiming that these are photos of […]

Compal Could Manufacture Nokia’s Alleged Windows RT Tablet
Earlier today, we brought you word concerning the alleged specifications of Nokia’s upcoming tablet that will most probably be very close to Microsoft’s Surface RT when released. Of course, the Nokia tablet has not been officially announced or confirmed in any way just yet, but this has not stopped the rumor mill from churning out even more delicious morsels for the masses to read and swallow. Just to recap, the […]

ASUS No Longer Creating Windows RT Devices
ASUS’ chairman, Jonney Shih, recently came out saying Windows RT is “not very promising” and it looks like the company’s view of the OS as being “not very promising” has turned into something worse as they have announced they will no longer be manufacturing Windows RT tablets.

External Ethernet Support Fix Coming To Surface RT Tablets Soon
While most of us tend to rely on WiFi connections to connect our tablets to the internet, there are times when WiFi is not available, thus an Ethernet connection is required as is the case sometimes in hotels. While the Microsoft Surface RT tablet does not come with an Ethernet port, Microsoft has attempted to “fix” this by offering up an external Ethernet dongle, which unfortunately according to several reports, […]

Windows RT 8.1 Battery Drain Issue Fixed By Turning On Bluetooth
For those of you out there who happened to own a Surface RT tablet and have already installed the preview version of Windows 8.1, then you might be one of those who have been affected by some bugs. Apparently, one niggling issue involves a rather serious battery drain on the tablet, and a rather unorthodox workaround has been solved by the folks over at Microsoft. A thread at the Microsoft […]

ASUS Does Not Find Windows RT To Be "Very Promising"
While ASUS has been pretty successful in the past with their Android tablet offerings, like the Transformer Pad, and with them helping Google make their Nexus 7 tablets, we guess they were hoping to replicate that success with Windows. Unfortunately it seems that ASUS is not as pleased with the Windows RT operating system and the company’s chairman, Jonney Shih, was quoted as saying that the Windows RT scene is […]