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Xbox One Could Run Windows RT Apps
There were game files of the Xbox One which were leaked in February earlier this year, and apparently, those files could very well have been depicting the Xbox One’s capability of playing nice with Windows RT apps. An alleged screenshot of Homefront 2 files do point to the launcher executable that is accompanied by a Windows RT AppsManifest.xml file. While the news feeds should not burn up in excitement upon […]

Lenovo Ceases Windows RT Yoga 11 Sales On Own Website
Lenovo is one of the few hardware manufacturers out there that actually back the Windows RT operating system, where they have rolled out the ARM-based Yoga 11 notebook last year. I guess life must have been pretty lonely for the Lenovo Yoga 11, since it looks as though Lenovo is all set to phase out its solitary Windows RT product, as it is no longer listed as for sale on […]

Native Foursquare App For Tablets Hitting Windows 8 And Windows RT
The native Windows 8/RT app for Foursquare has been announced.

webOS Like Fate Predicted For Windows RT
Windows RT will reportedly suffer a fate similar to webOS, because according to its upstream supply sources many brand vendors have stopped developing products based on this platform.


First Look At Outlook 2013 RT [Images]
We get a first look at how Outlook 2013 RT will look on Windows RT tablets. Microsoft confirmed yesterday that Outlook 2013 RT will be coming to Windows RT tablets later this year.

Outlook 2013 Confirmed For Windows RT Tablets
Microsoft has confirmed that Windows RT will be getting Outlook 2013 RT later this year. All future Windows RT tablets will come with it pre-installed.

Snapdragon 800 To Power Windows RT 8.1 Devices
Qualcomm and Microsoft have just announced the continuation of their partnership to make sure that Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 800 chip can power Windows RT 8.1 tablets and computers efficiently. Windows RT is a version of Windows that has been compiled to run on ARM’s architecture which is used in the vast majority of all mobile devices today. We have covered Snapdragon 800 before, and for a quick refresher, it features four […]

Microsoft Rumored To Lower Windows RT Price To Attract More OEMs
Would you like to see more Windows RT tablets make their way into the market? Unfortunately as it stands there aren’t that many Windows RT options out there at the moment, with manufacturers more interested in Windows 8, such as Acer with their recently launched Iconia W3 Windows 8 tablet. So what is Microsoft going to do about that? Well according to a report from Bloomberg, word on the street […]

12 Inch HTC Windows RT Tablet Reportedly Cancelled
According to a new report, HTC has cancelled the development of a 12 inch Windows RT tablet. It is presumably still developing a 7 inch tablet for the same platform.

Dell Slashes XPS 10 Price
Now might be a good time to pick up the Dell XPS 10 if you have been hankering after it for some time...

HTC R7 And R12 Windows RT Blue Tablets Launch Reportedly In October
It was rumored back in December 2012 that HTC was contemplating entering the Windows RT tablet market. Back then it was said that the Taiwanese manufacturer was working on a 7 inch and a 12 inch tablet which would run on Microsoft’s tablet compatible Windows OS. Today alleged specifics of both tablets have received, but since its just one source, its best to read ahead keeping in mind that these are merely rumors […]

New LG Tablet Reportedly Launching In Q3 2013
LG made its debut in the tablet market with Optimus Pad which was announced back in 2011. This 8.9 inch tablet was powered by NVIDIA’s Tegra 2 processor and Android 3.0, it also had a 3D camera on the back which hoped to differentiate it from the plethora of tablets that had been released. However the company hasn’t seen much success in the tablet market up till now, but it is […]

WSJ: Microsoft 7-Inch Surface Tablet In The Pipeline
Steve Jobs famously mentioned that 7-inch tablets would be DOA – Dead On Arrival, and how he must be rolling in his grave when he realizes that his beloved Apple did conform to popular opinion by rolling out the iPad mini. Granted, it isn’t 7” exactly per se, but you get the idea that even Apple thinks there is a market for a smaller sized tablet. None of Microsoft’s founders […]

Windows Store Now Has Over 50,000 Apps For Windows 8 And RT
The Windows Store has finally crossed the 50,000 mark. It is now home to over 50,000 applications for Windows 8 and Windows RT. Despite that it is being reported that the number of apps being submitted to Windows Store is declining each month. Reportedly app submissions have slowed down substantially ever since Windows 8 was launched back in November 2012. To put things in perspective, the Mac App Store has […]