Toshiba has thrown in the towel at the moment in the race to release a new Windows RT-powered tablet device, claiming that they are experiencing delays in receiving components, and hence will opt itself out of the tablet market that runs on Microsoft’s upcoming mobile operating system of Windows. Having said that, this one horse that has dropped out of the race would mean that other manufacturing partners who will be selling Windows RT tablets, such as Asus, Dell, Lenovo, and Samsung, should be happy that there is one less competition to deal with.


Do you think that Apple’s tentacled reach into the supply chain has actually adversely affected Microsoft’s ability to coax other hardware manufacturers into freeing up some of their supply and manufacturing lines in order to develop components and parts for tablets that do not run on the iOS platform? Whatever the outcome is, I sure hope that Microsoft Windows RT-powered tablets will not come up short in terms of sales figures, considering how someone needs to provide decent and worthy competition to the iPad on the tablet front to avoid a hegemony.

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