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Buy Xbox 360 Games On Xbox One After Today's Update
Earlier this month Microsoft previewed a new update for Xbox One which will enable everybody to buy Xbox 360 games on Xbox One. The update also brings a few other features that include 16-person party chat and overall improvements. The update has started rolling out today which means that you can now buy Xbox 360 games on Xbox One once you’ve got this update on your console.

Xbox 360 ESPN App Shutting Down Soon
If the enhanced gaming experience and the next-generation games weren’t enough to make you switch from Xbox 360 to Xbox One perhaps this will. Microsoft and ESPN are retiring the ESPN app for Xbox 360. The app will shut down on March 23rd as per a notice posted in the app so if it’s absolutely essential for you to have access to this app via a gaming console then it’s […]

Left 4 Dead 2 Playable On The Xbox One
Microsoft has been slowly adding titles to the list of games that are Xbox One backwards compatible, which for those unfamiliar means that games from the Xbox 360 will be playable on Microsoft’s latest console. While it has not been officially announced, it seems that Left 4 Dead 2 is a title that has been recently added.

Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup For February
Microsoft today revealed the lineup of Xbox Live Games with Gold for the month of February 2016. It turns out that both Sony and Microsoft have revealed their lists on the very same day, we’ve already reported on the PS Plus free games for February 2016, this seldom happens but doesn’t look shabby when it does. Xbox Live Gold members are getting four new titles next month for free.


The Witcher 2 Is Free For Xbox One
Microsoft flipped the switch on backwards compatibility for Xbox One last year, publishers can now tweak the titles they previously released for Xbox 360 to make them compatible with Xbox One as well. The company has revealed today that ever since this ability was added to the current-gen console more than 21 million hours have been logged by Xbox One gamers playing just backwards compatible titles. It’s now going to […]

Xbox Games With Gold For January 2016 Confirmed
Towards the end of each month the set of free games to be made available for Xbox Live Gold members is confirmed, Microsoft has stuck to that tradition by confirming the Xbox Games with Gold titles for January 2016. Microsoft is ringing in the new year with four new free games, two each for Xbox One and Xbox 360, those who own the former can play all four courtesy of backwards […]

Microsoft Giving Five Xbox One Games For Free In Games With Gold This December
Every month under its Games with Gold program for people who pay for an Xbox Live Gold subscription Microsoft provides free games for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. The company is closing out the year with a bang as it will be offering five titles for the Xbox One free under the Games with Gold program, two of those will be native Xbox One titles while the other three will […]

Xbox Store Black Friday 2015 Sale Begins This Week
Black Friday is technically more than a week away but that isn’t stopping retailers from getting in on the action a bit earlier than usual. Multiple retailers are launching some of their sales and deals ahead of Black Friday, Amazon is one of them, and now even the digital download store for Xbox is going down the same road. The Xbox Store Black Friday 2015 sale kicks off later this […]

New Xbox One Experience Released
This particular update for the Xbox One has been in the works for some time now and that’s understandable because it’s actually a pretty major update for Microsoft’s current-gen console. It’s actually the largest update ever for the Xbox One since the console arrived in 2013, aside from revamping the entire dashboard experience, the update adds a feature that console owners have long been waiting for. Today the new Xbox One […]

New Xbox One Experience Drops Kinect Gestures
When the Xbox One was first released back in 2013 you couldn’t buy the console without Kinect, that’s why it was priced higher than the PlayStation 4, which worked nicely in Sony’s favor. It was just one of the factors that allowed Sony to sell significantly more PS4 units soon after launch, Microsoft realized this after a few months and unbundled Kinect from Xbox One. Now it’s even dropping support for […]

Xbox One Gets 104 Xbox 360 Games In Just A Few Days
Microsoft confirmed earlier this year that Xbox One will get backwards compatibility enabling console owners to play games that originally came out on the Xbox 360. Once the update arrives all they need to do is pop in an Xbox 360 disc to play the game provided that the title supports backwards compatibility for Xbox One. The company had previously said that close to 100 games will be backwards compatible […]

Xbox Live Games With Gold Lineup For November 2015 Revealed
Towards the end of every month Xbox Live Gold members patiently wait for the company to reveal the lineup of games that they will get for free in the coming month as part of their subscription. October is almost over which means it’s that time of the month again and Microsoft’s Larry Hryb, a.k.a Major Nelson, has today revealed the Xbox Live Games with Gold lineup for November 2015.

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Launching November 12
During E3 earlier this year, Microsoft made a surprise announcement that the Xbox One would soon be able to be backwards compatible with Xbox 360 games. That was about four months ago and last we heard, the feature would finally be arriving in November, but when exactly in November?For those of you guys starting to get antsy, Microsoft’s Larry “Major Nelson” Hryb has tweeted that the feature will be launched […]

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 5 For PS3 And Xbox 360 Delayed
It hasn’t been long since Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 was released but soon after the title was released gamers started to complain about all sorts of issues and bugs, Activision then confirmed that it was working with developers to fix all of those issues. The launch didn’t go as smoothly as the developers would have wanted and they’ve had to confirm another setback for fans, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5 […]