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Upcoming GTA Online Update Skips Last-Gen Consoles
Heads up gamers, it looks like Rockstar has a new update headed for GTA Online called Lowriders. The patch is expected to drop on the 20th of October but unfortunately if you do not own a current-gen console or a PC, you will not be able to enjoy it as Rockstar will be passing over last-gen consoles.For those unfamiliar, this was actually announced last month by the developer where they […]

Phil Spencer Would Like Xbox One Backward Compatibility For Original Xbox Games
Microsoft confirmed a while back that it’s bringing backwards compatibility to the Xbox One, enabling owners of its console to play titles that were originally meant only for the Xbox 360. There might be many Xbox fans out there who wouldn’t mind the ability to have backward compatibility for original Xbox games as well, turns out they have a supported in Xbox boss Phil Spencer, who has said in an interview […]

Call Of Duty For Older Consoles Will Lack Single Player Campaign
Current generation consoles such as the Sony PS4 as well as the Xbox One have been around for a couple of years already, and they still continue to get top and A-list titles without missing a beat, such as Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain, although the older generation of consoles like the Xbox 360 and PS3 too, have received such versions of the game. This can be said […]

Xbox 360 Will Soon Allow You To Send Money To Friends
It looks like the Xbox 360 is soon going to receive a new feature that’s going to allow you to send money to friends, so if you’re a betting man or woman who likes to wager while they’re gaming, this feature will essentially make it much easier to settle those bets, but I’m sure there are other reasons for bringing this feature over to Xbox 360.


Latest Xbox 360 System Update Brings New Features And 2GB Cloud Storage
A new software update has been released today for Xbox 360 which brings some new features that have already been showcased to Preview members over the past few months. Aside from the features that Microsoft has already talked about like Activity Feed, seeing what friends are doing on Xbox One from Xbox 360 and having the ability to see Xbox One backward compatible games in library and marketplace, today’s update […]

Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Arriving In November
If you own the Xbox One and its predecessor, the Xbox 360, you were probably chuffed to learn that the Xbox One would have backwards compatibility. This was announced during E3 2015 back in June and according to Microsoft, the feature is expected to arrive in time for the holidays, but when exactly?According to a post on the Xbox website, Mike Ybarra, Director of Program Management for Xbox revealed that […]

GTA Online Freemode Events Will Skip Xbox 360, PS3
Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V is available on both older and current-gen consoles. This also applies to the game’s GTA Online mode. So far updates issued to GTA Online have been applied to pretty much all the platforms that the mode is available on, but moving forward it looks like that will no longer be the case, or at least it will be limited in some way.This was confirmed in […]

Xbox Live To Shut Down Indie Games Program For Xbox 360
It looks like the folks over at Microsoft have decided to take a step – a painful one at that, but necessary as all good things must eventually come to an end, through the shutting down of the Indie Games program for the aging Xbox 360 console. From today onward, developers are unable to purchase or renew annual memberships in the program. It must be noted, however, that active developers […]

Rise Of The Tomb Raider Multiplayer Not Happening
Tomb Raider fans will certainly be looking forward to this year’s entry to the franchise called Rise of the Tomb Raider, though they might not be too excited about the fact that the new title doesn’t feature a multiplayer mode. This has been revealed through the latest issue of the Official Xbox Magazine, those who were waiting to get more information about a possible multiplayer mode in Rise of the Tomb […]

Mortal Kombat X’s Release For Last-Gen Consoles Cancelled
When Mortal Kombat X was launched, it was announced that it would be arriving on last-gen consoles as well, like the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360. However earlier this year we reported that its release was delayed to the summer, and now it looks like Warner Bros. has decided to cancel the launch on last-gen consoles entirely.According to a post on the Warner Bros. forums, “After months of development, […]

Microsoft Confirms Xbox Live Games With Gold For September 2015
Merely a day after Sony confirmed the free titles that PlayStation Plus members are going to receive next month Microsoft is out with its own list of games. Xbox Live Gold members get four free titles this September, two on the Xbox One and two on the Xbox 360 as part of the company’s Games with Gold program.

Comcast Xfinity App For Xbox 360 Shuts Down In Two Weeks
A few years ago Comcast released the Xfinity app for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, this brought the cable company’s TV platform for subscribers who also owned the console. Comcast is now sending out notifications to users in order to inform them that it’s going to shut down the Xfinity app for Xbox 360 within a fortnight. The app will no longer be available for the console and it will also be […]

Xbox 360 Games Might Be Added To EA Access
In June last year EA announced a new service called EA Access that lets subscribers play more games for less, the game library includes some major titles such as Battlefield 4, FIFA 14, Madden NFL 25 and many others which can be accessed on-demand for just $4.99 per month. Every other month EA adds new titles to the lineup so that subscribers get the most bang for their buck. EA only offers […]

Seagate Game Drive For Xbox Looks Like A Mini-Console
If you own a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One you might be well aware of the fact 500GB of onboard storage isn’t going to get you very far particularly if you are prone to downloading digital copies of your favorite games. This is one of the reasons why Sony and Microsoft have both released 1TB versions of their consoles but still many would like more storage. Seagate today launched a […]