A few years ago Comcast released the Xfinity app for Microsoft’s Xbox 360, this brought the cable company’s TV platform for subscribers who also owned the console. Comcast is now sending out notifications to users in order to inform them that it’s going to shut down the Xfinity app for Xbox 360 within a fortnight. The app will no longer be available for the console and it will also be removed from consoles automatically starting next month.

According to a report Microsoft has also notified Xbox 360 owners over the past few days that Xfinity for Xbox 360 will no longer be available, and that the app will automatically be removed from their consoles starting September 1st, 2015.

Comcast hasn’t really given a reason for why it’s pulling the Xfinity app for Xbox 360 for good, in a request for more information on the matter the company merely said that it’s removing this app to “make way for new updates and improvements to our online experience for customers.”

Does that mean that there’s a new app incoming or does Comcast plan on providing the service through some other means? It’s too soon to say that for sure right now, Xbox 360 owners can just start counting down the days until the two weeks are up and Xfinity is no longer available for their console.

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