With consoles like the Microsoft Xbox One X, playing games in 4K resolution has become a default feature, whereas in the past things like resolution and framerate would often depend on how well the developer has chosen to optimize their game for the console. For those who are still playing EA’s Battlefield 1, there is good news for you guys.

In an announcement on the Battlefield Twitter account, DICE has revealed that 4K support will finally be making its way to Battlefield 1 in the coming weeks. This is thanks to the Summer Update which like we said, is expected to be coming in the next few weeks. It is unclear as to what else will be part of the update, but 4K support for the Xbox One X sounds like it could be worth the update alone.

The support for 4K on the Xbox One X can be thought of as a bit late. This is because the PC version of Battlefield 1 launched with 4K support (assuming your PC supports it), and the PS4 Pro version of the game also received upscaled 4K support. Presumably the version launched on the Xbox One X will be native 4K as well as that’s what Microsoft has marketed the console as being able to support.

More details about the Summer Update are expected to be shared tomorrow via a livestream on Twitch so tune in then if you’d like to learn more.

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