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Yahoo To Face Class-Action Lawsuit Over Text Messages
Don’t you hate it when you receive unsolicited text messages from companies or people advertising their products and services? If you do, you might recall that a couple of years ago Yahoo got into trouble when they started sending unsolicited text messages to Sprint customers, and now it looks like their troubles just got bigger.US District Court Judge Manish Shah has ordered Yahoo to face a class-action lawsuit over the […]

Yahoo! Introduces Video Search App
Who would have thought that search would end up being such a big business? The folks over at Yahoo intends to simplify search when it comes to locating as well as launching videos across services in the vein of Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video. How will they go about doing this? Through Yahoo Video Guide, of course. Yahoo Video Guide will hunt down the various streaming options that one subscribes […]

Yahoo Mail Will Now Let You Manage Your Gmail
In today’s day and age, it is not surprising that many of us have more than one email account. We might have one for personal, one for work, and there are even some who have email accounts that they use just to sign up for services so their work and personal emails don’t get spammed by newsletters and whatnot.That being said if you’re the type that uses multiple services, you […]

Verizon Not Opposed To The Idea Of Acquiring Yahoo
According to recent reports, it has been suggested that Yahoo might be interested in selling off some of its web products, such as Yahoo Mail. Given that Yahoo has been around for a very long time now, safe to say that if that were to happen it would certainly mark the end of a very long era.But the question is, who might be interested in acquiring Yahoo’s web products? Interestingly […]


New Yahoo Messenger Has Been Built From The Ground Up
There was a time when Yahoo Messenger used to be the go-to platform for keeping in touch with friends and family wherever they might be, it was the time when some of us preferred MSN Messenger, but that has since met its decline. That hasn’t deterred Yahoo from bringing back its once iconic messenger, the company today announced the launch of the new Yahoo Messenger which as been completely rebuilt […]

Yahoo Reportedly Considering Sale Of Web Properties Like Yahoo Mail
It hasn’t been easy for Yahoo over the past few years, the company has been trying hard to bring back users to its core web properties, but the plans don’t appear to be working as well as it would like them to. Perhaps the company thinks that selling off the iconic properties like Yahoo Mail would be a better option for long-term sustainability, that’s actually what the company is reportedly considering.

Yahoo Locking Some Users Out Of Email Accounts If They Use Ad Blockers
The rampant use of ad blockers has got publishers worried and companies that are in the business of serving ads are also quite concerned. Yahoo appears to have dealt the first blow in this fight against ad blockers, several reports indicate that the company is locking out some users from their email accounts if they are using ad blockers. It’s only when they turn it off that they can access […]

Yahoo Desktop Search Experience A Firefox Exclusive
Everyone loves birthdays – it is a day where we celebrate life, and being one year older – and hopefully wiser, too. In order to commemorate Firefox’s 11th birthday this week, Firefox users who are based in the U.S. will be able to enjoy an exclusive new desktop search experience that would make searching stuff on the web a whole lot easier and intuitive, thanks to a collaboration with Yahoo.

Yahoo And Google Reach A New Search Deal
For awhile now, Yahoo has largely relied on Microsoft’s Bing to help power their search engine. However it looks like that has changed because both Yahoo and Google have recently entered in a new agreement in which the latter will now help power search results, image searches, and ad services for Yahoo.However it should be noted that this does not mean that Yahoo and Microsoft’s partnership has come to an […]

Yahoo Mail Dumps Passwords In Latest Revamp
To celebrate Yahoo Mail’s 18th birthday this month the company has rolled out a totally revamped Yahoo Mail app that it says is more fast, beautiful and intuitive than ever before. The new app has been designed from the ground up and it focuses on speed and simplicity, it comes with several new features, while also dumping passwords. It’s the first app from Yahoo that features the company’s password-free sign-in technology […]

Your Old Tumblr Username Will Be Automatically Deleted
Many of us have a habit of creating accounts for services that might capture our interest for a bit only to never log into them again. I remember when I first signed up for Twitter back in 2007, barely used it for a few weeks and didn’t return to properly use Twitter until 2010. It’s common for such services to hold on to usernames so that whenever those users want to […]

Yahoo Mail Keeps Tabs On Your Packages
It is always nice to know that you are on your way to receiving a package, or to figure out that someone is sending you something, and you wait with bated breath and anticipation for it. However, in this day and age, we are all seemingly obsessed with knowing where our package is exactly – heck, even the Pebble smartwatch knows where your Domino’s pizza is! Well, Yahoo Mail has […]

Yahoo Gets Into Fashion, Acquires Polyvore
Yahoo has been on a roll recently and has been acquiring companies all over the place. Their latest acquisition comes in the form of Polyvore, which for all you fashion lovers and shoppers online are probably familiar with. The acquisition has since been confirmed by Yahoo on their Tumblr page (another online platform that they’ve acquired as well).According to Yahoo’s announcement, “Polyvore is a leading social shopping site that enables […]

Yahoo Livetext Messenger Is A New Way To Connect With Friends
We did report earlier this week that Yahoo could launch a new messenger app soon and the official announcement has come through just now, the new messenger app is called Yahoo Livetext and the company says that it’s a whole new way to connect with friends and family. It brings together the convenience of texting with the intimacy of video but without the audio, and this is where the app stands […]