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MLB Free Game Of The Day Arrives On Yahoo Sports
It looks like sports streaming on Yahoo Sports is about to get all the better, thanks to the MLB free game of the day being featured. Of course, there will still be blackouts that apply to local markets, so do be aware of that. Basically, when it comes to baseball, Opening Day is treated in a reverential manner, and Yahoo Sports recently announced that it will stream one Major League […]

Microsoft In Talks To Finance Yahoo Acquisition
It’s no secret that Yahoo is having to battle on multiple fronts and that it has decided to sell off its core internet business. Multiple suitors are said to be interested in the core business, a report claims that Microsoft executives are in early talks with potential Yahoo investors about a contribution towards the acquisition of this company. The talks are said to be in a preliminary stage at this […]

Yahoo Games Bites The Dust In May
Just like many of us have spent countless hours chatting with random folks via Yahoo Messenger, many of us have also spent countless hours playing online titles on Yahoo Games. At one point it was the biggest online destination for casual online gaming but sadly the world has moved on. Yahoo has been working on trimming the weight and it has shut down several services in the process, next on […]

Apple Reportedly Drops Out Of Bid To Stream NFL Games
Last month there were reports that there were several tech companies interested in acquiring the streaming rights to some of the NFL’s game. One of the companies mentioned was Apple, but a report from Re/code has revealed that Apple has since dropped out of the race as they figured that it would be too expensive, and it probably won’t have that big of an impact they want with the Apple […]


Time Might Buy Yahoo's Search, Mail And News Business
It’s no secret that Yahoo is struggling to maintain its position, it no longer dominates the online landscape as it did a few years ago, and the company is now open to the possibility of selling core businesses. According to a new report Time Inc, the publisher of People and Time magazine, might acquire Yahoo’s core online businesses which include Yahoo Mail, Search and News.

Yahoo Is Exploring The Possibility Of Selling Itself
In the burgeoning days of the internet, Yahoo was to internet users what Google is to everyone these days. Safe to say that despite Yahoo’s best attempts, the company hasn’t really been doing as well as it should, and it looks like the company is now putting itself up for sale, or at the least very are exploring the idea of selling themselves.

Indonesian Government Bans Tumblr Over Pornography
Just last week, the Indonesian government announced that they would be clamping down on apps that had emojis or stickers that contained homosexual content. An unsurprising move given the country’s religious beliefs. However it looks like the government isn’t stopping there, and according to a report from the BBC, Indonesia has banned Tumblr as well.

Yahoo To Start Phasing Out Some Of Their Digital Magazines
Back in the day, say 15-18 years ago, websites like Yahoo, Lycos, AltaVista, and etc. were popular because they not only served as search engines, but also as web portals where in addition to be able to search for content online, users could always access a variety of information at a glance, like the news, weather, stocks, sports, and etc.

Yahoo Brings Free Live Golf Coverage
Yahoo has announced a new global and strategic partnership with the PGA Tour today which will enable it to deliver live, free and on-demand video content to golf fans across the globe. It will provide all of that content for free so viewers will not need authentication or subscription to access the content. It’s kicking things off by enabling viewers to stream the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament.

Yahoo Games Is Being Shut Down
Yahoo isn’t having the best of times these days particularly since it announced that it was closing five offices and laying off a significant chunk of its workforce. Questions are now being asked about the company’s future and whether or not there’s a company out there that’s willing to acquire Yahoo. Until that happens it has to keep the ship floating and that requires cutting loose anything that might drag […]

Yahoo To Close 5 Offices, Reduce Workforce
The good times certainly cannot continue forever, as the cyclical nature of business comes into play. Tech giant Yahoo has not had the best of times over the years, but they are still a force to be reckoned with. However, in the latest reports from the company, it was mentioned that Yahoo will be closing down five offices, and reducing their workforce by 1,700 heads. This will help to trip […]

Yahoo Homepage And App Gets Major Updates
Yahoo today announced that it’s rolling out new updates to its mobile app and homepage in the United States. The focus of these updates is to enable users to find, consume and engage with news, content and video that they care about in one place with the experience being consistent across all platforms.

Activists Say Yahoo Japan Sold 12 Tonnes of Elephant Ivory
Yahoo Japan is certainly quite an interesting entity, having sold some cool stuff in the past before such as a thirst-quenching Yahoo-branded drink as well as a genetic test kit in the past. This time around, however, things do not seem to look too good for them, as activists have laid claim that Yahoo Japan sold a dozen tonnes of elephant ivory in a short period of two years.

Yahoo Shuts Down Its "Screen" Online Video Platform
When it comes to online video platforms, YouTube is probably the most prominent. It plays hosts to vlogs, comedy sketches, cooking tutorials, rants, and even content from more established TV channels like ESPN, ABC, CNN, and etc., and its success is no surprise as to why some companies have tried to step foot into the market as well.One of those players from a couple of years ago is Yahoo. The […]