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Yamaha Unveils New Wireless Guitar Amp
Given that a lot of speakers these days are going wireless, it doesn’t really come as a surprise to learn that the same can be said for guitar amplifiers too. In fact, Yamaha has been doing that for a while now, and the company is back with their latest model in the form of the Yamaha THR30IIA.

Yamaha’s MusicCast Vinyl 500 Turntable Streams Audio Wirelessly To Speakers
The problem with turntable setups is that while we’re seeing more companies put forward new models with modern designs, a lot of them aren’t quite as updated in terms of tech, meaning that you will still need to connect speakers to them using cables. This is not an issue with good cable management, but can be tricky if you’re looking to setup multi-room audio functionality.

Yamaha Electric Motorbikes Impress
I guess one can say that Yamaha has emerged from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in a rather impressive manner, where it showed off its autonomous Motobot as well as Sports Ride coupe. Still, the conceptual PES2 and PED2 electric motorcycles happened to be attention grabbers as well, and it seems that they are more real than just being mere concepts. In fact, it does seem as though the PED2 […]

Yamaha Shows Off Robot That Can Handle Some Pretty Fast Bikes
It’s only a matter of time before robots do most of the things that we do ourselves right now, the machines have already established a strong footing in various industries and they’ll gradually be introduced in others as well. Some of us might not be able to fathom the need for a robot that can handle some pretty fast bikes, but Yamaha has created one, which it proudly showed off at the […]


Yamaha’s MusicCast Is The Company’s Answer To AirPlay, Google Cast
For the most part, a lot of speaker and hi-fi systems still rely on wired connections. This is largely thanks to the belief that wired systems produce better quality sound compared to wireless, but this has not stopped companies over the years producing wireless speaker systems.Many have relied on Bluetooth, but companies such as Apple and Google have introduced their own systems, such as AirPlay and Google Cast, and now […]

Yamaha THR amps shipping this month
Looking for amps that you can use to jam or play and record music with? Yamaha’s THR series amps might just fit the bill. Under the retro-chic exterior of the THR series amps, they are some pretty versatile devices. In addition to letting you plug in your guitar for jamming at home or performing on stage, the THR amps can be used as an interface to record your music with. […]

Yamaha Vocaloid Keyboard is awesome
If you like the idea of singing without singing, Yamaha’s new Vocaloid keyboard could be what you’re looking for. Right now, users need to enter notes separately to create tunes on a computer with a Vocaloid, but with this new Vocaloid keyboard, users can create tunes on the fly. They get one set of keys for pronouncing consonants and vowels, while another set of keys for selecting the notes/chords to […]

Siri can be used to play the piano too
So Siri can be used to tell the time, the weather, compose and send messages, hand out directions and recommendations, so why shouldn’t it be able to play the piano, right? Well that’s what the guys down at Yamaha have managed to do, which is to get Siri to “play” the piano.

Yamaha PDX-11 portable speaker system takes the rugged route
Want to play the role of Mr Tough Guy? Well, you can’t really go wrong with the Yamaha PDX-11 portable speaker system, where this octaganol unit will be equipped with a decent 4″ woofer as well as accompanied by a 3/8″ tweeter. All of that circuitry will require the juice of half a dozen AA batteries, which in turn will enable you to enjoy up to 8 hours of non-stop […]

Star Wars Yamaha 2.1 surround sound system
Can’t get enough of Star Wars and you feel that you’re the space opera’s number 1 fan on the globe? Well, it would bode you well to check out this Star Wars themed Yamana 200-watt 2.1 surround sound system which was carefully and painstakingly painted by Nub Graffix from the hit reality TV show American Choppers. I woud say that this is more or less an instant classic, where the […]

Yamaha unveils the Vienta, electrically-assisted bicycle for women
Ladies, are you in the market for an electrically-assisted bicycle? If you are, Yamaha has unveiled their new electrically-assisted bicycle that is targeted specifically at women.

Yamaha TSX-140 iPod Speaker Dock Gradually Wakes You Up
Yamaha’s new TSX-140 iPod speaker dock has a nice feature for the holiday as a nightstand accessory. The speaker dock can gradually wake you up by increasing the loudness of your favorite song so it won’t jolt you out of bed, making for hopefully a more pleasant morning. The device is compatible with the iPod Touch along with the iPhone (3G, 3GS, and 4), and can play back MP3 and […]

Yamaha BD-A1000 Brings Netflix, YouTube, Blockbuster to Blu-ray Video Watching
Yamaha is looking to woo users who want a convergence experience in their home entertainment system with its BD-A1000 system, which combines Internet video streaming from Netflix, Blockbuster, and YouTube with traditional media such as DVD or Blu-ray. Additionally, users can make user of traditional A/V inputs or use the dual USB ports to play media files off a USB drive as well. The BD-A1000 system has an MSRP of […]

Yamaha Intros The Sleek PDX-31 iPod/iPhone Dock
There are already plenty of iPhone/iPod speaker docks out there but Yamaha obviously thinks that it can offer something attractive to consumers with its PDX-31 speaker dock. The device offers a 30-pin Dock Connector and also an auxiliary input for other devices. The dock looks clean and elegant and houses a pair of 3.25-inch speakers, dual wall construction and arrives with a bundled remote for good measure. You’ll have to […]