I guess one can say that Yamaha has emerged from the 2015 Tokyo Motor Show in a rather impressive manner, where it showed off its autonomous Motobot as well as Sports Ride coupe. Still, the conceptual PES2 and PED2 electric motorcycles happened to be attention grabbers as well, and it seems that they are more real than just being mere concepts. In fact, it does seem as though the PED2 that loves to seek out new trails to explore is very close to being ready for real world performance, as you can see in the video above.

As for the PES2 sibling that does look as though it has a greater penchant for sticking to roads, hence the inclusion of more fanciful styling and features, it does look as though that model will need more work before it enters mainstream consciousness. Regardless, the motorcycle does come with a camera which will send an image to the rider’s smart helmet.

This smart helmet will deliver augmented reality (AR) to the rider via an AR display, where it shows you just what is going on behind, while offering additional navigation information and inform you of upcoming obstacles that are in your path just in case your minds goes off daydreaming. It does not look likely that this ride will enter stores in the coming year, so one might want to choose to be a bit more patient this time around.

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