Ladies, are you in the market for an electrically-assisted bicycle? If you are, Yamaha has unveiled their new electrically-assisted bicycle that is targeted specifically at women.

The bicycle is called the Vienta and as we mentioned earlier, it is electrically-assisted, meaning that it comes with an electric motor to help you pedal those tedious uphills when you’re too tired.

It comes with LED lights for those evening/night rides and it even comes with a small LCD that displays various information that will be helpful for those looking to lose weight, such as the speed at which you’re pedaling at and the amount of calories that you’ve burned so far.

The electric motor is powered by a 6Ah lithium ion battery that Yamaha is claiming will take 3 hours to get it up to full charge. No word on how much it will cost but it is expected to go on sale come 15th of September.

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