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Yelp Will Now Tell You Which Restaurants Aren’t Following COVID-19 Safety Protocols
Yelp is an extremely powerful platform where restaurants can quickly gain new business or lose business based on the reviews left behind by visitors. Now it seems that the company is expanding on the kind of information that users can provide, such as whether or not a restaurant is adhering to proper COVID-19 safety protocols.

Yelp Now Adding Health Inspection Scores For Restaurants
When trying to decide where or what to eat, of course taste plays a huge factor in helping us decide. However another factor that others might take into consideration is hygiene, where some might feel uncomfortable eating at an establishment with poor hygiene even if the food tastes good.

Yelp Will Begin Testing Robot Food Delivery In San Francisco
It is no secret that many companies envision a future in which robots will do a lot of the heavy lifting, whether it be in a factory, or simple tasks like food delivery. In fact that future is very near because it seems that Yelp’s Eat24 will be testing out robot food deliveries in San Francisco, thanks to a partnership with Marble.

Yelp Will Soon Let You Virtually Queue For Restaurants
Some places are just so popular that there is forever a queue out of the door. Sometimes waiting in line can’t be helped, but on days that are too hot, or nights that are too cold, it can be rather torturous, but fret not foodie readers, it seems that Yelp has plans to help you do all queuing on your behalf.


Yelp, TripAdvisor Accuses Google Of Burying Their Search Results
If you’re looking for restaurant reviews, there are plenty of options out there such as Yelp or TripAdvisor. However Google themselves have also started offering reviews of their own, and recently it was discovered by both Yelp and TripAdvisor that despite searching specifically for either website, the results returned with Google’s own options first.Should we be surprised? We suppose in a world without regulation and laws, rivals would be doing […]

Amazon Echo Now Offers Information About local Businesses
Amazon Echo is a pretty unique product, you’ll be forgiven for thinking that it’s nothing more than a Bluetooth-enabled speaker, which it technically is but it does come with Alexa. Amazon’s virtual private assistant provides users with a whole lot of features which they can access through simple voice commands, for example Echo can be used to control connected smart home devices, or for streaming music just by giving the […]

Yelp Picks Up Eat24
Mergers and acquisitions – these happen to be huge buzzwords in the business world, and it is no surprise to see how the tech industry, which has grown to a phenomenally large size over the past few decades, are also no strangers to mergers and acquisitions. In fact, the larger tech companies do not mind forking out what seems to be a premium in order to gobble up smaller companies […]

Yelp Looks To Deliver Review Translations
There is nothing quite like an app on your mobile device that will let you know whether a particular local eating establishment is worth dropping by or not, especially if you happen to be a tourist in that particular area. Having said that, if you are visiting a country whose language you do not speak, the local reviews might be in a language that you would not understand – and […]

New York City Uses Yelp To Track Food Poisoning Outbreaks
Yelp is a popular service that is used by millions of people around the world to research about venues they might be interested in visiting. Users often post reviews of restaurants they visit and if they don’t like it they can warn other diners. Its up to people how seriously they take a restaurant’s bad reviews but they might not be the only ones reading. Health officials in New York City are […]

Yahoo Announces Partnership With Yelp To Improve Local Search
A few weeks back it was rumored that Yahoo is going to partner up with Yelp in order to bolster its search product. That rumor has turned out to be true. Yahoo officially announced its partnership with Yelp today, as it looks to improve its search offering. Now when anyone uses Yahoo Search to look up local businesses in the U.S., the results will include reviews, star ratings and business […]

Yahoo Taps Into Yelp To Improve Local Search [Report]
Even though Yahoo went through several major changes last year, the company’s recent quarterly earnings report failed to impress investors. Yahoo needs to work on improving its products and ensure that they don’t face downtime after a few weeks. Moreover, the company needs to improve its existing services that are already competing in highly contested niches. Take Yahoo search for example, its up against the likes of Google and Bing. […]

U.S. Court Rules Yelp Must Identify Anonymous Reviewers
There’s a reason why online commenting and reviewing systems usually have the option to post anonymously. Not everyone wants to write a bad review or leave a scathing comment using their own name, some choose to hide behind a curtain to vent while not fearing that the blowback might somehow end up affecting them offline. A Virginia court has complicated matters for Yelp, it has ruled that the popular review and […]

Yelp iOS Update Brings Yelp Platform's "Order Pickup Or Delivery" Feature
Yelp app for iOS has been updated today, it brings the "Order Pickup or Delivery" feature that has been introduced alongside the all new Yelp Platform.

Yelp Adds Restaurant Inspection Scores
Yelp is pushing its service even further. Today, the San Francisco-based service is announcing that it is bringing restaurant inspection scores to Yelp pages. Basically, users can now add and view restaurant hygiene scores, something that was not available in the past. “While ratings and reviews are incredibly powerful ways to guide spending decisions, we’re always looking for new ways to supplement the information to provide a better experience for […]

Woman Sued For Negative Yelp Review Won't Have To Edit A Thing
We wrote to you last month about a negative review on Yelp that ended in court. The defendant is a woman from Virginia named Jane Perez who took to Yelp, and also on Angie’s List, to express her disappointment with Dietz Development’s service. Perez says that Dietz workmen damaged her house and also stole her jewelry. Dietz owner Christopher Dietz accused Perez of Internet defamation, saying that the allegations were not […]

Airport Chatter Makes Travel More Social On Your iPhone
With the holiday season behind us, you may not be planning on traveling for another year, unless you’re currently counting down the hours left in your work day until you get away for a New Years trip. If you’d like to experience more from the airports you’ll be making your way through this weekend, you might want to give Airport Chatter a download.Airport Chatter is an application for the iPhone […]

Yelp For Android Updated With Yelp Talk & New Integrated Action Bar
Yelp users on Android will love to hear that the insanely popular local directory service has just been updated to version 3.7. The new update is just in time for the holiday season where people visit businesses to shop and hang out with families and friends. The main piece of version 3.7 is the newly integrated action bar UI which makes navigation easier. Another new feature is Yelp Talk which […]

Woman Sued For Negative Review On Yelp
Watch out for those words, it could cost you thousands of dollars. A woman from Virginia , Jane Perez, wrote a negative review on Yelp. The review was for Dietz Development, a contracting company that apparently worked on Perez’s home. Christopher Dietz, the owner of the company, is now suing Perez for $750,000. In a filing made by Dietz last month, Dietz is accusing Perez of Internet defamation, saying, “Plaintiffs […]

L.A. restaurant offers discount for customers to put cell phones away
Dinner experiences have changed since the introduction of the smartphone. Now when you look around a restaurant you can see multiple people using their smartphone for texting, tweeting,taking photos of their food, or posting a Yelp review on the restaurant. Some people believe that smartphones are ruining the dinner experience of getting to know one and another as they pose too much of a distraction. Others believe that they enhance […]

iOS 6 Maps will reportedly feature Yelp's check-in services
If you enjoy checking-in to various locations using services offered by Foursquare and Facebook, it seems that come iOS 6, there are reports that iOS users will soon be able to check-in to locations via the new Maps app. The check-in service will be provided by Yelp and will see integration into the app itself, thus users will be able to share information and check-in without having to exit the […]