When trying to decide where or what to eat, of course taste plays a huge factor in helping us decide. However another factor that others might take into consideration is hygiene, where some might feel uncomfortable eating at an establishment with poor hygiene even if the food tastes good.


The good news is that if you’re looking to see how clean an establishment is before you go, Yelp can help with that. The website will now be adding health inspection scores to the profiles of restaurants across the US. This means that at a glance, users will be able to see how clean and hygienic the restaurant is based on the scores given by official health inspectors.

Note that this is actually not the first time Yelp has attempted to display health scores on its website. The company had back in 2013 launched its LIVES program in cities such as San Francisco and New York, but this launch is expected to cover the entire US. While health inspection scores can be found in the restaurant or establishment, they might not necessarily be obvious, and this score listing lets users see the score before visiting the place.

According to a Yelp spokesperson who cited a recent study, “When consumers have better access to restaurant hygiene scores, the number of hospitalizations due to foodborne illness drops, and best practices improve across the industry.”

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