Yelp is an extremely powerful platform where restaurants can quickly gain new business or lose business based on the reviews left behind by visitors. Now it seems that the company is expanding on the kind of information that users can provide, such as whether or not a restaurant is adhering to proper COVID-19 safety protocols.

As the pandemic continues to rage on, the only way that countries can stem the tide is through safety protocols, such as requiring masks, check-ins, temperature scans, social distancing, and so on. Naturally such practices can have a negative impact on a business, so it is easy to see why some restaurants might choose not to adhere to them.

However, with the latest update to Yelp, the company will now allow users to provide feedback not just on the restaurant’s food quality or service, but also whether they follow these guidelines. For example, users can now report if a restaurant’s staff aren’t wearing masks or if they aren’t actively enforcing social distancing.

This can help users make more informed decisions, like if a place is found not to follow these guidelines, users can choose not to go there. It can also help build trust between businesses and their customers, where if a restaurant is found to follow these safety guidelines, customers might be more inclined to pay them a visit.

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