Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pros Will Support Up To Two 6K External Displays

With the launch of the 16-inch MacBook Pro, it represents Apple’s biggest and most powerful laptop to date. While a laptop is clearly designed to be used on the go, we imagine that there are some who plan to use it while at home or at the office as well, and as such, will probably connect it to external monitors.

iPhone 11 Pro VS $20,000 Leica, Can You Tell The Difference?

A few weeks ago, a video surfaced in which it compared Apple’s new iPhone 11 Pro against a $7,500 Canon professional camera. It was quite a tricky test which only meant that it was in the iPhone’s favor, as if you can’t tell the difference that clearly, then obviously Apple is doing a killer job with the camera on its iPhone.

How To Turn Off Data Roaming On iPhone

Data roaming can result in a huge bill shock if you’re not prepared for it, so check out our guide if you’d like to turn off data roaming on your iPhone and to check if it has already been disabled.

How To Customize The iPhone’s Control Center

Control Center on the iPhone is a convenient place to access certain toggles and features, and here’s how you can customize it to suit your needs.


Apple Services Subscription Bundle Expected In 2020

For a while now, we have been hearing that Apple could be planning some kind of subscription bundle where it would consist of various Apple services all bundled into a single subscription, making it easier and potentially cheaper for customers to subscribe to multiple Apple services all at once.

Logitech’s Circle 2 Security Camera Now Supports Apple’s HomeKit Secure Video

These days there is a growing number of smart home security cameras available in the market, and for the most part, their selling point is that the videos that their devices capture can be retrieved from the cloud, meaning that users won’t need to worry about storing videos locally and finding a way to store them.

Facebook Patches iOS Bug That Activated Camera Without User Knowledge

Earlier this week it was revealed that Facebook for iOS had a bug in which for some reason, activated the user’s camera behind the scenes without their knowledge. Given the various conspiracy theories about Facebook spying on users and listening to them through their microphones, it certainly did not do the company any favors.

Massive Study Confirms The Apple Watch Is Quite Adept At Detecting Irregular Heart Rates

In the past, we have heard countless stories about how the Apple Watch’s heart rate detection feature, and more recently its ECG feature, have saved many lives. Is it all fluke? Could it merely be coincidental that all these reported cases are from people who so happen to wear an Apple Watch instead of a competing wearable?

SD Card Slot, Older Ports Will Probably Never Return To The MacBook Pro

So when Apple announced their new 16-inch MacBook Pro, there were several changes and improvements made to the laptop, but one of the items on the wishlist of many that did not make an appearance is an SD card slot. This is odd given that this is a laptop aimed at professionals, like professional photographers, who could greatly benefit from an SD card slot.

A Fully-Specced Out 16-inch MacBook Pro Will Cost $6,099

Apple just announced its brand new 16-inch MacBook Pro where based on its specs and features, this is a laptop that Apple is trying to make appealing to professionals who might need high-end hardware while on the go. Some of these “pro” features include support for up to 64GB of RAM and also up to 8TB of SSD.

Apple’s Mac Pro Workstation Will Begin Shipping In December

In June earlier this year, Apple announced a brand new Mac Pro computer. Unlike the previous-gen Mac Pro which kind of killed the upgradability of the Mac Pro, the new workstation offers up a more familiar tower case design that will allow users to better configure the computer to their liking.

It’s Here, Meet Apple’s New 16-inch MacBook Pro

After a series of rumors and leaks, it seems that Apple’s latest MacBook Pro has arrived, and it represents the largest MacBook Pro that we have seen from Apple in a while. The new MacBook Pro, as per the rumors, now features a 16-inch display. Prior to this, the biggest MacBook Pro featured a 15-inch display, and prior to that, Apple actually had a 17-inch model which has been discontinued […]

Details Of Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro Leaked

If the rumors are true, Apple could be announcing its new 16-inch MacBook Pro today. We have been hearing a lot of rumors about the laptop, although for the most part, a lot of the focus has been on its keyboard and also its display. Now in a tweet by Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, additional alleged details of the laptop has been leaked.

Apple Could Apply Its TrueTone iPad Tech To A Car’s Interior Lighting

One of the display technologies that Apple employs in its iPads and iPhones is TrueTone. For those who are unfamiliar, TrueTone basically detects the ambient light around you and based on that, it will adjust the device’s display so that it will always render the correct kind of color regardless of the environment it is in, or at least that’s in theory.