Apple Music & Spotify Are Dominating The US Streaming Market

When you think of music streaming services, which platform do you think of? If you answered either Apple Music or Spotify, you’re not alone and it shouldn’t be surprising either because according to a report from Billboard, Apple Music and Spotify currently make up for about 80% of the music streaming market in the US.

iPhone Xs LTE Speed Test Reveals Huge Improvements Over iPhone X

When the new iPhones were announced, Apple touted a bunch of new features and improvements that they were making to the phones. However they did not cover everything since it would take too much time, and one of those improvements they did not cover was improvements to LTE speeds.

New iPhones Will Allow NFC To Be Used Even When iOS Isn’t Running

We totally understand where companies are coming from these days, where through mobile wallets, companies such as Apple want users to be able to make payments, use loyalty cards, keep their student IDs, use for public transportation, and so on. However there is a problem and that is what if your iPhone is dead or charging? How would you access those features then?

Apple’s New iPhones Will Be ‘Critical’ At Expanding eSIM Technology

Apple’s new iPhones are finally bringing something to the table that many Android phones have offered before: dual SIM capabilities. However it will be different from how most Android phones implement it, in which save for China, the new iPhones will support one physical SIM and one eSIM.


iOS 12 Update Is Now Available For Download

When Apple announced its new iPhones last week, the company also confirmed when it will be releasing iOS 12 for existing handsets. The latest update for its operating system was detailed at the company’s WWDC 2018 event a few months ago and it has been in beta since then. Now, iOS 12 is available for download to the public.

Apple Discontinues The iPhone 6S And iPhone SE As Well

Apple unveiled three new iPhones at its press event last week. It immediately became evident that it’s discontinuing the original iPhone X which came out last year. It was the company’s first smartphone that featured an OLED display and features like wireless charging. Apple has further trimmed its smartphone lineup by discontinuing the iPhone 6S, 6S Plus, and the iPhone SE.

Apple’s AirPower Charger Is Reportedly ‘Doomed To Failure’

The original iPhone X was Apple’s first smartphone to support wireless charging. The company teased its very first wireless charger called AirPower alongside the device as well last year. A lot has happened over the course of the year. The iPhone X was released and now discontinued as Apple launched three new models last week but the AirPower wasn’t even mentioned at its event. According to multiple reports, the ambitious […]

Analyst Suggest iPhone Xs Pre-Orders Are ‘Lackluster’

This year, just like the previous year, Apple presented us with three new iPhones – the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR. Its pricing, hardware, and size varied from model to model, presumably to appeal to different types of users. However as it turns out, one model seems to be less popular than the rest.

Apple Responds To Claims Over Deleted iTunes Purchases

Recently a tweet regarding Apple and iTunes movie purchases has gone viral, in which a certain Dr. Anders Gonçalves da Silva is claiming that Apple has deleted some movies he purchased via iTunes from his library. This has since resulted in people starting to realize that maybe their purchases aren’t quite as permanent as they had thought it might be.

Apple Watch Series 4 Pre-Orders Reportedly Above Expectations

Apple has been absolutely killing it in the smartwatch game with their Apple Watch, or at least that’s what the numbers seem to tell us. It looks like Apple does not need to worry about getting knocked off their throne anytime soon because according to Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the Apple Watch Series 4 is reportedly off to a good start.

Benchmarks Reveal Apple’s New iPhones Are Packing 4GB Of RAM

Last week Apple announced the iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and the iPhone XR. These are Apple’s latest iPhones and as usual, Apple tried to keep things as layman-friendly during their announcement of the devices, which meant that those who wanted to know more technical details would have to find out on their own via Apple’s website.

Apple Watch Heart Rate Study Reportedly Helped Win FDA Approval For ECG Feature

One of the key features of the Apple Watch Series 4 is how in addition to being able to measure your heart rate, a feature that has been around since the first iteration, it also comes with an ECG feature that basically takes heart measurements to more advanced levels than just how fast your heart is beating.

iPhone Xs, Xs Max Pre-Orders Are Live, Shipping Estimates Already Slipping

Earlier this week Apple announced their new iPhone Xs and Xs Max smartphones where they also announced that pre-orders would begin on the 14th of September (today), and it is also expected to begin shipping out to customers the week after. For those who are interested, you’ll be pleased to learn that pre-orders are now live via Apple’s website.

Apple’s Apple Watch Edition Experiment Is Over

When Apple announced the Apple Watch Series 4, what many noticed seemed to be missing from the announcement, was the Apple Watch Edition. For those unfamiliar, this was Apple’s way of trying to appeal to customers who wanted a luxurious smartwatch, but now it looks like Apple’s experiment with luxury smartwatches is over.