LG G3 Mini Headed For AT&T (Rumor)

The upcoming flagship LG G3 device has yet to be officially released, but it does seem as though there is a mini version of the LG G3 already. Rumors of the LG G3 mini have begun to make its rounds, where a device that carries the model number LG D725 has been seen in a leaked document, carrying the codename “B2 mini”. Considering how the LG G3 is widely tipped […]

Driver Texted 44 Times Prior To Hitting Cyclist

There are always those out there who do not want to follow the rules because they think that they know better. Case in point, this particular lady who hit a cyclist near Koroit, which is a small rural town in western Victoria, Australia. Apparently, the cyclist was on the edge of the road as the lady’s hit him from behind with her car, never mind that he had taken the […]

Microsoft Nokia Deal Closes April 25th

Back in September last year Nokia announced that it is going to sell its devices and services business to Microsoft for north of $7 billion. A multinational deal of this scale requires regulatory approval, provided that the company’s shareholders don’t vote against it. Nokia’s shareholders voted overwhelmingly in favor of the deal, which then received the aforementioned approval. Microsoft previously said that it expected to close the deal this month […]

Samsung Galaxy S4 Outsold HTC One 4:1

The original HTC One (M7) was more than just a decent smartphone – it was a high end flagship device that deserved its plaudits, but unfortunately, there was a perception issue with the brand that most probably limited its sales figure, registering sales of 5 million units within its first two months of availability. While that might sound impressive, relatively speaking, it fared poorly against the Samsung Galaxy S4 who […]


Domino’s Pizza Accepts Payment Via Google Wallet Now

Pizza – comfort food that does have its fair share of nutrition, such as vegetables (mushrooms, capsicum, olives…), and of course, full of cheesy goodness if you want to. I personally love Domino’s Pizza and their menu, and it is nice to hear that the pizza chain has now started to accept payment via Google Wallet. In fact, those who actually make use of Google’s digital wallet with Domino’s Android […]

Ultimeyes App Will Help Improve Your Vision

They say that staring too long at a computer screen or television screen can make your eyesight worse, or at least that’s one of the favorite arguments that parents tend to make. That being said, it is a little ironic that there’s now an app available on the iPhone and Android devices that will supposedly help to improve your eyesight. The app is called Ultimeyes and we’re sure that some […]

LG G3 Mini Rumored To Be In The Works

We have been hearing rumors about the LG G3 for a while now and what we know about the device is that it could feature a 2K display, but other than that, the rest is pretty much speculation. However thanks to new rumors that have surfaced, it seems that not only will there be an LG G3, but there will apparently be an LG G3 mini as well. We’re not […]

BlackBerry Classic Pegged For November Release

During MWC 2014, BlackBerry announced that they were working on a device called the BlackBerry Classic. Unfortunately apart from the fact that we know that it will pack an integrated trackpad, much like the BlackBerry devices from the good old days, not much else is known about the device, such as how it looks like, hardware specs, and availability. The handset is currently pegged for a release later this year […]

Slew Of Samsung Devices Appear On Zauba, QHD Model One Of Them

Samsung has been pretty busy, at least that’s what Zauba’s records seem to indicate. The database has recently revealed that there are a slew of Samsung handsets that are headed to India for testing, and some of these devices have yet to be announced. In fact it also seems that one of the devices that is being tested is the rumored QHD version of the Samsung Galaxy S5. This is […]

Facebook Paper App For iOS Updated

Facebook has just announced a major update to its iOS app, where it claims that there are new features thrown into the mix, including the likes of new story buttons, notifications, and photo comments, among others. Facebook’s Paper App was first introduced to the world at the end of January before it hit the iOS platform in the next month. After 2 months of use, Facebook Paper has “grown up” […]

Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play Edition To Get Android 4.4.3 KitKat (Rumor)

In the past week, we did hear about how Sprint mentioned about Android 4.4.3 KitKat for the Nexus 5 smartphone, which leads to the question as to which particular device is going to be the next one to receive this particular mobile operating system update. There is every chance that the Sony Xperia Z Ultra Google Play edition is all up for it, at least according to the Bluetooth SIG.

App Will Help Evaluate Your Child’s Risk Of Autism

Many years ago if one wanted to test their child for autism, they’d have to spend a fair amount of money to get their kids tested, but fast forward to today, it seems that all you’d need is an app. The app is developed by a new startup company called Cognoa. The idea is to help evaluate children for autism, which according to the company’s CEO, Brent Vaughan who spoke […]

The LG L65 Is Official

So the other day we caught wind that LG could be working on another L-series handset known as the LG L65, and it turns out that the rumors were right because LG has since officially announced the handset on their Russian website which has us wondering if the device will make its way stateside, but then again there are carriers such as MetroPCS who stock the LG L70 so there […]

Moto G LTE And Ferrari Rumored To Be In The Works

Despite the Moto G hardly being the most powerful Android device out there, it has proven to be quite a success which only goes to show that people truly appreciate an affordable device that is well-built. That being said, we have recently heard rumors about a possible successor/variant to the Moto G called the Moto E, and now according to new rumors, it seems that Motorola could also be expanding […]