iPhone 5s & iPad Air Used To Create This Bentley Ad

Usually when we think of photography and videography used for professional photoshoots, we think of DSLRs and expensive video cameras, or sometimes expensive DSLRs that double up as video cameras. This is because high-end devices offer up more control and better quality, at least compared to our smartphones. However as we have pointed out before, it’s how one uses their equipment that matters as well, and the video above should […]

Galaxy S5 Active Specifications Appear Online

A new variant of the Samsung Galaxy S5 certainly won’t surprise anyone. Over the past few weeks we have been constantly hearing about the Galaxy S5 Active. It will essentially be a much more rugged iteration of this year’s flagship. Samsung released a similar variant for the Galaxy S4 last year so it won’t be nothing new. The SM-G870 model of this smartphone has appeared online in the GFXBench benchmark database giving us […]

Google Play Store PayPal Support Finally Added

It may be similar to Google Wallets but that hasn’t stopped the Mountain View company as recognizing its importance as a payments provider. Today finally the Google Play Store PayPal support has been rolled out. Android users around the world can now pay for content purchase through the store using their PayPal accounts.

Samsung Hub Might Bite The Dust Soon

There is no shortage of people who criticize Samsung for loading too much bloatware on its devices. This is why many users opt to root their devices and install a ROM based on stock Android which doesn’t come with any bloatware. Recent reports suggest that Samsung wants to dial it down a notch and a statement from its marketing manager for technical media certainly points towards an upcoming change. Philip Berne, the manager […]


Galaxy S5 Prime Will Reportedly Be Just As Colorful As Its Sibling

Time and time again it has been rumored that Samsung is working on a premium variant of its flagship smartphone. Back in February it unveiled the Galaxy S5 which was released in April. The company has already confirmed that the latest flagship is off to a better start than its predecessor, selling 11 million units in under one month. That being said it looks like Samsung hasn’t dropped the premium […]

Univision Mobile Unveiled By T-Mobile

T-Mobile has worked with Univision to unveil Univision Mobile, which so happens to be a pioneering new wireless service that has been specially designed for Hispanic Americans. After all, this community tends to rely a whole lot on mobile devices to remain connected with friends and family, whether they are at home or abroad, and hence it makes sense to come up with a service that will cater for their […]

Verizon One Mini 2 Might Be Called HTC One Remix

Yesterday we picked up on a report that the Taiwanese manufacturer has filed for the HTC One Remix trademark in the U.S. It was claimed that this is a smartphone that’s destined for Verizon. Evidently its a variant of HTC’s One lineup but it isn’t known for sure if its an entirely exclusive model for Big Red. As additional details become available today it turns out that the HTC One Remix might be […]

Don’t Just Call, SMS 911 In Case Of Emergency

What is the number that most people would dial in the event of an emergency? 911 would come into mind, and most folks would know by now that they are able to send a SMS to 911 in the event of an emergency, but there are no guarantees that the relevant law enforcement will respond in time. Still, there are strides being made even as you read this, since the […]

Galaxy Note 4 Flexible Display Being Considered

Samsung has already launched one flagship for 2014. It is expected to follow up with another high-end device by August or September. Its around this time when Samsung launches a new Galaxy Note phablet, this year its going to be the Galaxy Note 4. The company hasn’t offered many details about it as yet but an executive recently revealed that they’re considering a flexible display for the next Note flagship.

Microsoft Secret Book For New Nokia Employees

Microsoft completed their acquisition of Nokia’s smartphone division not too long ago last month, and this particular process would also see a ballooning in Microsoft’s workforce that has swelled to 25,000 new employees. Well, it has been reported that Microsoft actually provided those new team members with a cool gift that is actually a book titled “One”, sporting 128 pages within.

Minnesota Is First State To Sign ‘Kill Switch’ Bill Into Law

While we reported last week that the California Senate did pass the amended ‘Kill Switch’ bill, it must be noted that the Minnesota state government has also passed such a bill into law, where “kill switches” need to be on mobile devices. The whole idea for a ‘kill switch’ would be to have pre-installed software on the device giving you the opportunity to disable said device remotely, coming in handy […]

Microsoft Announces K-Touch And Blu Products As Windows Phone OEMs

Earlier this February at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain, Microsoft did announce that they company has signed up another nine new hardware partners to Windows Phone, adding Micromax and Prestigio to the growing list at BUILD which was held last month. Well, it seems that there does not seem to be any stopping Microsoft’s list that has just seen the addition of K-Touch and Blu Products to the “family”.

ZTE Nubia W5 Runs On Snapdragon 801 Processor (Rumor)

The ZTE Nubia W5 does seem to want to create history, as up till now, there has been no Windows Phone-powered smartphone that came with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor underneath the hood, so you can more or less expect just what the ZTE Nubia W5 will arrive with.

AT&T Releases High-Definition Voice In New Markets

From this May 23rd onward, mobile carrier AT&T is all set to roll out High Definition (HD) Voice on an all-IP, Voice Over LTE (VoLTE) network in select markets. In layman’s terms, if you happen to be a mobile subscriber to AT&T, you no longer have to be in two minds as to whether to make a choice between faster data speeds and crystal clear conversations. With HD Voice, customers […]