Sprint Giving Away Free TVs With A Samsung Phone Purchase

Recently AT&T has been doing a promotion where if you were to buy one Samsung handset, you’d pretty much get another one for free. However if another phone isn’t what you need, you’re in luck as Sprint has announced a Samsung deal of their own where if you were to purchase a Samsung device from them, you might even get a free TV. According to Sprint’s chief marketing officer Roger […]

HTC Re Camera Discounted To $80

The HTC Re camera was launched last year, a device which many felt like the company was trying to compete with other action camera companies such as GoPro. Unfortunately for HTC it seems that their plans did not quite take as the camera wasn’t exactly very well-received, so much so that at one point HTC had knocked its price down to a mere $50. Now that promotion is over but […]

Samsung Offering Galaxy Tab S2 Customers 1-Year Free Netflix

Samsung seems to be on a bit of a roll these days with their promotions. Just yesterday the company announced that they would be giving customers $200 discount if they were to purchase select handsets, and recently AT&T too announced a Samsung promotion where it is basically a buy one, get one free situation. Turns out that’s not the end of Samsung’s promotions. Recently the company has announced another promotion […]

Samsung Celebrates 50 Years Of Football With $200 Discount

Samsung’s high-end smartphones do not come cheap, and understandably so. The use of premium materials and the choice to go with high-end components certainly does not make the entire process cheap. However the good news is that until the 20th of January 2016, Samsung customers can get $200 off their smartphones. This recent promotion was announced by Samsung in celebration of 50 years of football. According to Samsung, “Get $200 […]


Best Buy Discounts The Apple Watch By $100

Christmas is nearly upon us and if you’d like to treat yourself to a nice present, or maybe give a nice present to a loved one, how does an Apple Watch sound to you? If the idea has crossed your minds but you have been put off by the price of the device, it looks like Best Buy is here to help you fulfil your Christmas gift list.

Blizzard Kicks Off Their Holiday Sales

Yes, the holidays are nearly upon us and if you’d like to use some of that downtime to perhaps catch up on games that you didn’t get to play, you might be pleased to learn that Blizzard has kicked off their holiday sales. There are several discounts that Blizzard will be giving out, so pick your poison. Starting with the StarCraft franchise, Blizzard will be slashing the original game along […]

ZTE Axon Gets Discounted To $200 In The US

Last month ZTE announced a new ZTE Axon smartphone. The device features a similar design and shares some features of the Axon Pro, except that it is priced cheaper at $330. Now if you’d like to get a new phone in time for the holidays, either for yourself or someone else, you might be interested to learn that the phone has been given a hefty discount. At the moment Newegg […]

Huawei Knocks Up To $100 Off The Huawei Watch For Black Friday

The cheapest Huawei Watch that you can get at the moment is the Huawei Watch with a stainless steel body and a black leather strap. That costs about $350, with the prices going up with different strap and body configurations and will go up to as much as $800 if you opt for the rose gold plated option. Now if you wanted to get your hands on a Huawei Watch, […]

Amazon’s Black Friday Sales Will Kick Off A Week Early

Black Friday is next Friday, obviously, but it looks like Amazon wants customers to start their shopping early. In an announcement by Amazon, the company has revealed that come this Friday, the 20th of November, they will be kicking off their Black Friday sales which as you can tell by the dates, is a good week early than most other retailers. This is not a mistake. Instead the company is […]

Alibaba’s Singles Day Brings In $5 Billion In 90 Minutes

For those who are living in the Western world, Alibaba might not necessarily be a company you might have heard of, or if you did, it might have only been in passing. Instead you might be more familiar with companies like Amazon, Google, Apple, and etc. However over in Asia, especially China, Alibaba is a big deal. Last year during Singles Day (the 11th of November, or 11/11), the company […]

Sprint Gives Away Amazon Prime Sub With Samsung Phone Purchase

Amazon Prime is a great service if you purchase a lot of things from the company’s website. There are a ton of perks, not to mention that a Prime subscription also gives customers access to music and video streaming services. However it comes at a price of $99 a year which we guess for some is a bit too expensive to subscribe to. The good news is that Sprint is […]

Buyable Pins (Finally) Make Their Way Onto Android

Back in June, Pinterest rolled out a new feature for its iOS users in the form of buyable pins. The good news is that if you’re an Android user and want that same feature and convenience, Pinterest has finally rolled out the feature to you guys. The update should be available via the Google Play Store so head on over for the update. For those who are curious about the […]

Long Lines Spotted At Amazon’s First Bookstore

Yesterday we reported that Amazon would be launching its first ever physical bookstore. For those who are hearing about it for the first time, basically this is a bookstore that you can visit and make book purchases if you are living or visiting Seattle. That being said, the bookstore has since opened its doors and a report from GeekWire has revealed that it has garnered plenty of interest. As you […]

Google Reportedly Abandoned Plans For Its First Ever Retail Store

A report from yesterday revealed that Amazon would be launching their first ever physical bookstore. An interesting move from a company who specializes in online retail. If you were expecting more tech companies to follow suit, Google might not be one of them. According to new reports, Google has apparently ditched their plans for their first ever retail store. The reports claim that the store would be setup in New […]