In one of our previous reports, we already pointed out an online website by Johns Hopkins University to track the impact of Coronavirus. It is still one of the major portals for Internet users.

However, Microsoft has recently come up with its own interactive map using almost the same data sources as John Hopkin’s website does.

Even though it is just another website to track Coronavirus pandemic, it is better to use the interactive map by Microsoft than falling prey to the hackers with fake coronavirus maps.

The map is being regularly updated and just because it is something by Microsoft, more people will be potentially interested to try it out and prefer using it.

As of now, you can interact with each of the data points on the map to get more details on the number of confirmed cases, active cases, recovered cases, and fatal cases as well. For some locations, you also get a breakdown of the stats for cities/states.

In addition to the map, the bing news network also pops up when you select a location. So, you can also have a quick look at the recent news while you check the map for details on the impact of coronavirus across the globe.

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