YouTube TV Price Has Now Been Raised To $50 Per Month

It’s not uncommon for streaming services to raise prices after a while and that’s something that YouTube TV is doing today. It’s going to be a bit more expensive now for subscribers at $50 per month. The base price for those who are directly subscribed through Apple TV will now be $55. This price hike is effective immediately for new subscribers and from May 13th for existing subscribers.

Facebook To Restrict Reach Of Groups That Share Misinformation

Facebook has taken considerable steps to address the flow of misinformation on its platform over the past few years. Its strategy has involved removing the content that violates its policies, reducing the spread of problematic content which doesn’t violate policies, and informing people with additional information about what they click, read or share. It will now reduce the reach of groups that repeatedly share misinformation.

Google Now Lets Android Phones Double As Security Keys

It’s always a good idea of have two-step authentication enabled on your accounts to thwart phishing attempts. The most commonly used forms of authentication include push notifications and text messaging codes. However, hackers can work around that limitation with fake sign-in pages to steal credentials. Google thus considers security keys based on FIDO standards to be the strongest protection against such attempts and so it now allows your Android phone […]

Disney+ To Get a ‘Monsters, Inc.’ Spinoff Series

Disney+ aims to be the go-to streaming destination for family-friendly content and it’s expanding that slate with a spinoff series of Pixar’s famous Monsters, Inc. The series will be called Monsters At Work and it will provide a glimpse into the inner workings of Monstropolis. Billy Crystal and John Goodman will reportedly be returning to their roles as Mike and Sully.


Qualcomm Cloud AI 100 Platform Claims 10X Power-Efficiency

It’s not every day that a large company like Qualcomm’s steps into a new market, and we might look back to this day as an inflection point in the cloud AI arms race.

Twitter Limits Number Of Accounts You Can Follow In A Day

Like any popular social media platform, Twitter also has to deal with scammers who try and find a way around its systems to make a quick buck on the platform. The company has unveiled a new measure against spammers which involves limiting the number of people you can follow in a single day. It previously allowed users to follow up to 1000 accounts in a single day.

It’s Possible To Edit Google Docs In Dropbox Now

Google and Dropbox had announced over a year ago that they would work together to make their cloud storage services play nice with each other. The integration that was announced last summer is now switching things up a notch. It’s now possible for Dropbox Business customers to participate in an open beta program which allows them to edit Google Docs within Dropbox itself.

Memorialized Facebook Profiles Get New Tributes Section

Your memory could continue to live on Facebook even after you’ve passed. The social network allows the creation of memorialized profiles of people who have died. It’s now expanding that functionality by adding a new tributes section to the pages. This would enable friends and family members of the deceased to continue posting memories of the departed on their pages.

Firefox Could Block Website Notification Requests By Default

A lot of websites ask for permission to send you notifications and most of you may ignore them. You never seem to run out of websites that show similar notifications and it can be a nuisance. This is something that Mozilla has noticed as well. It’s now experimenting with blocking website notification requests by default in a Firefox Nightly browser build. The notification requests will be blocked automatically until the […]

Facebook May Get Dedicated News Tab This Year

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has said that the world’s largest social network may get a dedicated tab for “high-quality news” this year. While this section will be free for Facebook users, Zuckerberg has hinted that publishers might be paid to feature their content in this dedicated news tab.

Facebook News Feed Now Offers Explanations About Posts

The News Feed is at the center of your Facebook experience. You can endlessly scroll it to find posts from your friends, Pages that you follow, and groups that you’re a member of. Sometimes, you might see posts in News Feed and wonder why you’re seeing it when it doesn’t interest you at all. Facebook is always working to improve News Feeds’ personalization for each user and the company is […]

Facebook ‘Exploring Restrictions’ For Live Video

Footage of the deadly terror attack in Christchurch, New Zealand was streamed live on Facebook two weeks ago. There have been a lot of questions since then about the reaction to that from social media platforms like Facebook. The company’s chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has written a letter to the NZ Herald highlighting some of the actions that Facebook will take going forward. The letter mentions that the company […]

Google’s Link Shortener Bites The Dust

Google launched its official link shortener some ten years ago in December of 2009. The link shortener was supposed to be used with the Google Toolbar and Feedburner. The need for link shortening services has declined over the past few years so it’s no surprise that the company has decided to sunset the service.

Google Conducting ‘Performance Review’ On Censored Search For China

A new report from The Intercept claims that executives at Google are conducting a secret internet assessment of the work on a censored search engine for China. The government of the People’s Republic maintains a tight grip on the internet in its country and as such, foreign companies like Google are only allowed to operate their services if they comply with strict local laws.