Google’s Controversial Chinese Search Project Shut Down

It was revealed a few months ago that Google was working on a secretive project for the Chinese market which would essentially have been a censored version of a search engine for the Chinese market. There was a lot of backlash, understandably, with even employees calling on the company to shelve the project. Google has now shut down its controversial “Dragonfly” Chinese search project.

Amazon Wants To Track Customers In Exchange For $10

Data is perhaps one of the most valuable assets for online companies which is why they keep coming up with new ways to collect it. Amazon has a new offer for people who don’t mind the company tracking their activity across websites. If they install a browser tool that lets Amazon do just that, the company would give them $10 for their troubles.

Facebook Will Now Be More Transparent About The Ads You See

There’s no escaping ads on Facebook and the company uses the immense data that it has on users to enable advertisers to reach the maximum number of people. However, in order to be transparent with users about the ads they see, the company introduced tools like “Why am I seeing this ad?” and Ad Preferences over four years ago. Since the answers users got with those tools were normally vague, […]

Dropbox Transfer Will Handle 100GB Files With Ease

It has always been possible to share any file or folder from your Dropbox with someone else even if they didn’t have a Dropbox account of their own. The service has long been used by people who want to collaborate on files. However, Dropbox is now launching a new service which will particularly focus on the data transfer side of things and not collaboration. With Dropbox Transfer, which is launching […]


How to Download Subtitles for Movies for Free?

If you are a movie buff – the chances are, you prefer subtitles. Of course, it is optional and not everyone likes it. But, if you want to clearly understand what’s being said in the movie – the subtitle definitely comes handy.

Facebook Has A Tool Which Tracks Fake News About Itself

Facebook has taken some considerable steps to prevent fake news from spreading on its platform which happens to be the world’s largest social media network. The company has reportedly also built a tool to track fake news about itself and its products. The program is called Stormchaser and it’s used to catch and debunk misinformation about Facebook.

Facebook And Twitter May Not Be Present At White House Social Media Summit

A social media summit without two of the biggest players in social media might not make much sense but apparently, that’s going to be the case for the upcoming summit at the White House. According to reports, the White House has not invited the two most popular social media companies to attend the event.

Twitter Direct Messages Are Facing An Outage

This hasn’t been a particularly kind week for online services. After Cloudflare’s troubles yesterday which knocked a fair bit of the internet offline, Facebook’s services have been acting up today for users across the globe. Twitter is now facing its very own outage with direct messages not working as they should be.

House Lawmakers Call On Facebook To Put Libra Cryptocurrency On Hold

Facebook’s launch of its Libra cryptocurrency was never going to go through without scrutiny from lawmakers. Not long after the ambitious project was revealed by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, House Democrats are now calling on the company to put the development of its Libra cryptocurrency and its Calibra digital wallet on hold.

Facebook News Feed Will Now Downrank Sensational Health Claims

Facebook keeps tweaking the News Feed to ensure that the billions of people who use the social network only see the content that they’re most interested in. The latest tweak has to do with sensational health claims which one can often come across on Facebook. The company says that News Feed will now begin to downrank health content that’s misleading or sensational.

Many Websites Are Down Because Of Major Cloudflare Outage

Your browser may have thrown up the “502 Bad Gateway” error if you have been trying to access some websites this morning. Quite a few have been affected by a massive Cloudflare outage that has been going on for a couple of hours. The outage was confirmed by Cloudflare through its System Status page as well.

Facebook To Ban Ads That Tell Americans Not To Vote

Facebook has taken a lot of flak for how its social network was used to spread misinformation during the previous election. With election season fast approaching, the company is taking steps to ensure that there’s not a repeat of last time. It has now said that ads which discourage people in the United States from voting ahead of the U.S. presidential election next year will be banned.

Twitter Now Hides Harmful Tweets From Public Figures

Twitter executives had recently hinted that the platform could make a change soon which reduces the reach of harmful tweets from public figures. It has officially announced this change today. A new notice for tweets from public figures is rolling out today, particularly the tweets that break its community guidelines. So if a public figure were to tweet something against the guidelines, Twitter can notify users of the violation and […]

Netflix Testing A Pop-out Player For The Desktop

Many of us would like to watch Netflix while we do other things at the same time. Netflix may soon make it easier to do that on our desktops. The company has reportedly started testing a pop-out player which will enable users to stream their favorite TV show or movie in a picture-in-picture environment on the desktop.