Google Cryptocurrency Ad Ban Has Been Relaxed

To prevent people from falling victim to cryptocurrency scams that were reaching a fever pitch during the heights of the cryptocurrency boom just a few months ago, Google decided to ban all sorts of cryptocurrency-related ads on its network. The internet search giant has now decided to relax the ban on cryptocurrency ads as it’s going to allow regulated exchanges to advertise on Google in select markets.

Google Employees Told To Delete Memo About Plans For Censored Search In China

It was reported a couple of months ago that Google is looking to launch a censored search engine in China. Google shut down its search product in the country back in 2010 amid concerns relating to censorship and thus lost access to a massive market. The company played down reports about having developed a censored search product for China but a new report claims that Google rushed to get employees […]

Twitter Bug Exposed Direct Messages To Third-Party Developers

Twitter has begun informing users about a bug that exposed private direct messages to third-party developers “who were not authorized to receive them.” The company started informing users over the weekend about this bug that revealed direct messages to third-party developers. The company says that its investigation into the issue is ongoing.

Facebook To Stop Providing On-Site Support To Political Candidates

Amid questions over its role in the last presidential elections in the United States, the world’s largest social network has reportedly decided to keep its distance from political candidates going forward. New reports reveal that Facebook has decided that it will no longer offer on-site support to political candidates’ campaigns.


Twitter Bringing Back Chronological Timeline

If you used Twitter prior to 2016 you would remember that the timelines used to be in a non-algorithmic, reverse-chronological order. It decided to shift to an algorithmic timeline in 2016 with “In case you missed it” roundups and suggested tweets based on what it thought you might want to catch up on when you were away from Twitter. Many Twitter users didn’t like this change so they will appreciate […]

Facebook Offers Bounties For Reporting Bugs In Third-Party Apps

Many online services run their own bug bounty programs. Security researchers are encouraged to find undiscovered vulnerabilities which can then be shared with the company in exchange for a monetary reward. Facebook has a bug bounty program of its own and it’s now expanding it to cover bug reports for third-party apps as well.

New CSS Attack Freezes Macs And Restarts iPhones

A newly discovered attach will cause a Mac to freeze and an iPhone to restart if the device visits a webpage with specific CSS & HTML. This bug doesn’t affect Windows and Linux users so it’s something that iOS and macOS users only have to keep an eye out for. It was discovered by Sabri Haddouche who is a security researcher at encrypted messaging app developer Wire.

How to Remove a Password From a PDF File without Adobe Acrobat Reader

Whether you are an engineer at NASA or just a student at high school, at some point during the year, you’ll most likely have to work with a PDF file. Though, if the file contains information that is for your eyes only, there is a good chance of it being password protected. Relaunched By Walmart With Three-Hour Deliveries

Walmart acquired online retailer in 2016 for $3 billion and the company today announced the relaunch of the site with several new features that make it evident that the brick and mortar behemoth wants to take on online giants like Amazon. The relaunched is more focused on customers in major cities such as New York where their experience is going to be tailored with messages and imagery that’s […]

Facebook Fights Fake News By Fact-Checking Photos And Videos

Facebook has taken some major steps to stop the flow of fake news on its platform in the wake of foreign meddling in the 2016 U.S. presidential elections. It’s working with dozens of partners to fact-check news stories already and the social network has now revealed that its fact-checking partners have been given access to a new tool which will enable them to fact-check photos and videos that may have […]

Facebook Watch’s First Non-U.S. News Show Comes From The BBC

Facebook Watch is the social media giant’s online video platform that was initially limited to the United States but has now been rolled out globally. Facebook has inked content partnerships to bring video content to the platform and is also funding the creation of original content for Facebook Watch. There’s a News section in Facebook Watch as well for those who want to keep up to date with current affairs […]

Instagram Will Offer Substance Abuse Help When Users Search Related Hashtags

Hashtags are great for searching through the endless posts on your favorite social media networks. You can quickly see all of the posts on a particular topic just by tapping on the hashtag. Instagram says that hashtags are being used for finding illegal drugs on its platform in addition to finding support for addiction and substance abuse. It will now start pointing users towards help for opioid or substance abuse […]

Paul McCartney To Play A YouTube Concert Tomorrow

Paul McCartney, a legend in his own right, is going to be playing a concert on YouTube tomorrow. This is a great opportunity to see the maestro in action live, particularly if you have never been to one of his live performances. The concert is part of a YouTube original production meant to promote his latest album.

First Lyft Electric Scooters Arrive In Denver

Scooters appear to be the next area of focus for ride-sharing services. Lyft had announced a couple of months back that it was going to put bikeshare systems across the country as it seeks to grow further. The company today announced the launch of its first electric scooters for users in Denver.