Flipboard Acquires Zite From CNN

Flipboard has announced that it has purchased news reader Zite from CNN for $60M, according to CNN Money. By doing so, Flipboard hopes to go from the best-looking web magazine to the smartest as well. If you are not familiar with Zite, it is a news reading app that learns from what you read, but at the same time still let you discover new content. This is often a thin […]

Yahoo Will Soon Start Blocking Google And Facebook Accounts From Its Services

Yahoo, Google, Facebook: these are some of the big names of the tech industry and not necessarily friends with one another. Yahoo and Google provide similar services that compete against one another, and Facebook’s own service is a competition of Google’s Google+ to a certain extent. That being said, all three have somewhat managed to co-exist with one another peacefully, at least until a recent change that Yahoo will be […]

1 In 10 Americans Equate HTML With An STD

Tech jargon can be mind boggling, particularly if you’re someone with no interest whatsoever in technology. However, some terms are simple enough that most people would presume everyone knows what they really mean. HTML or HyperText Markup Language is commonly known as a language used to develop websites, its defined in most computer science textbooks, but a survey finds that 1 in 10 Americans think that HTML is actually an […]

Skype For Outlook.com Goes Global

Last year a preview version of Skype integration into Outlook.com was rolled out to users in select markets. What it allows users to do is that they can tap into Skype without actually having to leave their Outlook inbox, this eliminates the need for launching the standalone Skype app when you need to make a call, the magic happens within the inbox itself. Today the Skype team announced that Skype […]


Twitter’s System Error Accidentally Resets User Passwords

Twitter users, if you have recently received any email telling you that your password has been reset or one asking you to change your password, fret not because there is a good chance that you haven’t been hacked. According to Twitter, they have recently encountered a system error in which a less than 1% of the company’s user base was affected. The error basically reseted a bunch of passwords for […]

Netflix Tech Support Scam After Users’ Login Credentials

Jerome Segura, a senior security researcher, has discovered a new Netflix tech support scam where the hackers are after users’ login credentials. That’s just the first step, it evolves into a very elaborate scam from there on out, its been laid out in such a way that unsuspecting victims might even willingly give them remote access to their computers as well as show them photo ID, which could constitute a […]

Teen’s Facebook Update Cost Her Father $80,000

We would have thought by now that most people using social networks should probably be aware of the things they post. Even private posts are still visible to those you allowed to view it, meaning that it isn’t truly private in the strictest sense of the word. While we have seen Facebook status updates and Twitter posts that have gotten people fired, a teen by the name of Dana Snay […]

U.S. Google Search Will Now Show Restaurant Menus In Results

Picking a place for dining can often become a titanic task, particularly if you have friends who are very picky about seeing the menu before actually going to the venue. Now its quite arduous to fish out a menu on the internet, that too when the restaurant’s website doesn’t have a mobile site. Thankfully, Google is on the job to make things easier for diners all around the country. It […]

Copyright Protectors Targeting Billboard Top 100 Charts Downloaders With Automated Fines

We guess we don’t have to tell you guys that it is illegal to download copyrighted music, movies, books, software, and etc. from torrents. At the same time many people still do because they think that they can get away with it. Well the next time you’re thinking about pirating any of the songs from the Billboard Top 100 charts, you might want to think twice. According to TorrentFreak, they […]

146K Indiana University Students’ Personal Data Exposed

One can never be too sure about data security in this day and age, security breaches often happen and can result in loss of crucial data. Take the recent Target hack for example, it resulted in personal information as well as credit and debit card numbers of more than 70 million people being compromised. While its no where near that colossal, a security hole may have lead to the personal information […]

Paramount Wants Twitter To Remove Top Gun Movie Tweets

It has been over thirty years since the movie Top Gun came out. Its certainly a classic with a substantial fan following that exists to this very day. Starring Tom Cruise as the daredevil elite fighter pilot of the U.S. Navy, the movie runs for some 110 minutes and is certainly a joy to watch. Recently a Twitter account going by @555uhz has been exposing the world to Tony Scott’s acclaimed […]

Dailymotion Majority Shareholder Confirms Talks With Microsoft On A Possible Deal

There are a lot of online video streaming sites but no one comes close to YouTube, which Google picked up for almost a billion dollars back in 2006. Since then, YouTube has grown to be the behemoth it is today, and even though Dailymotion and Vimeo are some of the better known competitors, YouTube is in a league of its own. Last year there were rumors floating about that Yahoo […]

Verizon Expects Netflix To Sign A Comcast-Like Deal With It As Well

There has been a lot of debate recently over net neutrality rules placed by the FCC, particularly after a federal court ruling struck them down. Net neutrality warrants that service providers don’t discriminate between bandwidths, so ISPs and telcos can’t promote a service at the expense of regular bandwidth which may lead to an adverse effect on the user experience of their paying customers. Netflix has signed a deal with Comcast […]

Facebook ‘Look Back’ Videos Of Deceased Family Members Can Now Be Requested

Not so long ago Facebook turned 10 and in order to commemorate this milestone the company showed off its data mining prowess by making “Look Back” videos for its users. The video was basically an amalgamation of popular photos, stories and posts that gave users a glimpse into the past, particularly the kind of life they lived back then. The social network has announced that it will now create Look […]