Solar-powered Lawnmower

I guess it makes perfect sense that nobody would want to mow the lawn when it is raining, so the premise for a solar-powered lawnmower is a no-brainer. Husqvarna has rolled out its automatic electric solar-powered hybrid robotic lawn mower that claims to be the first of its kind in the world, offering a professionally cut lawn every time at a steep price – £2,000, to be exact. Well, I guess as long as the sun shines this piece of machinery will keep on going, but just how robust and tough are the insides? This lawnmower can clear 2,300 square meters of grass and is programmable to work only at certain times or days of the week. It has a battery life of approximately 40 minutes before a 40 minute charging time juices it up, but on a sunny day, its cutting time can be extended by another 50%.


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