Gigga Clam Offers Protection On Beach

Going to the beach is supposed to be a fun time for all and sundry, but with the crime rate rising these days, it wouldn’t hurt to take extra precaution by keeping watch over your possessions while the rest of your family is out frolicking in the sun. As for the Gigga Clam, this nifty device is meant to be pushed under the sand’s surface for safekeeping, with enough space to store a large pair of sunglasses, a cellphone, wallet, an MP3 player and perhaps even a bunch of keys. The locking mechanism will keep things secure, while GPS tracking ensures you won’t be able to lose it, either. Should someone apart from you unearth the Gigga Clam, the waterproof wristband you’re wearing will vibrate to alert you, where it will then function as a tracking device to lead you to the exact location of your Clam. Neat, eh?

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