Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum

Something tells me that purchasing this will help your kids get more interesting in housechores once they’ve had a taste of the Ghostbusters game. After all, instead of trapping wayward spirits just like our beloved characters in the cartoon does, why not use your imagination and suck all the dust bunnies in the home with this? After all, the Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum will move with you no matter where you go, doing away with the need to lug around a heavy upright vacuum wherever you potter around the home. Capable of cleaning virtually any surface from carpet to tile to stone or hardwood floors., the Ergonomic Backpack Vacuum comes with a powerful suction that is even able to tackle items like broken glass, confetti, nuts and bolts and pet hair among others. Each $170 purchase will come with padded backpack straps, a HEPA filter to remove 99.9% of all dust, telescoping wand, easy reach attachments, a 26 ft. power cord, reusable collection bag and six disposable bags.

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