Flexible Solar Cell Technology

Canadian research engineers at McMaster University in Ontario recently uncovered the secrets to flexible solar cell technology, where it is able to generate enough juice to light bus shelters in addition to sending Internet-based updates of transport schedules – perfect for those who tend to live by the clock and get all anxious whenever schedules don’t run on time. These flexible solar strips measure 90cm x 12cm each and are able to hold 720 one-centimeter square solar cells that generate up to 4.5 watts of juice under optimal conditions. The solar strip will be connected to each end of a bus shelter, where in turn is hooked up to a multi-LED, battery-operated light fixture. Don’t worry about these fixtures sipping too much juice – they are energy-efficient lighting units that take a mere 600 milliwatts of power, while offering the equivalent of a small nightlight at night.

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