LEGO Targets Gadget World

LEGO bricks could be making a very big comeback in the near future if news of the Danish plastic brick maker is correct – that they are working on prototypes of colorful cameras and MP3 players that eschew the LEGO philosophy without sacrificing on performance. The camera isn’t exactly the trendsetter when it comes to specifications with a 1.5″ LCD display, 3-megapixel sensor and 128MB internal memory, but it ought to be good enough for your little one. As for the MP3 player, this model holds 2GB of internal memory although we’re sure it is able to do more in the future. The digital camera and MP3 player will be released this Fall for $50 and $40, respectively, and will be accompanied by other LEGO devices such as a boombox, alarm clock, walkie-takie and even a stop-animation video camera. Now these are devices that we won’t mind getting bricked the right way!

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