MiLi Pro iPhone Projector

The iPhone might come with a generally large display, but sometimes you want to view movies on the big screen even when alone. Guess this is where devices like the MiLi Pro LCOS, LED-driven projector comes in, playing nice with both the iPhone and iPod touch. All you need to do is plonk the device of your choice into it and it will throw the image/movie from your phone onto a screen (or just the wall if you can’t be bothered with the screen). Resolution isn’t anything to shout about compared to home projectors, but 640 x 480 pixels ought to be good enough at smaller screen sizes, while looking rather horrid when blown up to its maximum 70″ size. Good thing they recommend a maximum 40″ screen size to avoid disappointments. No word on pricing, but the MiLi Pro is tipped to arrive this September.


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