MSI X600 Available Now in the U.S

The beefier version of the X-slim series, announced by MSI in May, is now available in the U.S via Amazon (and others). It is a 15″ laptop that runs on Intel’s Core 2 SU3500 CPU, which is much faster than the Atom found on other X-Slim computers. On the graphics side, MSI has chosen an ATI HD4330 GPU that is much better than Intel’s integrated solution. At $799, you will be hard-pressed to find any competitor that has a 0.75″ laptop. Frankly, ifit had a back-lit keyboard, that would be just perfect. We’re not sure about the effective battery life, but it’s a 6-Cell battery, so we would eyeball it to be around 5 hours or so. Let’s wait for the independent reviews.


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