Toybots Woozee could usher in new era

Toybots are working on Internet-connected toys of the future that aims to make Tickle Me Elmo-clones more interactive, although we do get goosebumps (in a negative connotation) from seeing how this works. Touted as the “Kindle of toys”, Toybots’ offering known as Woozee is an open-source platform which will feature 3G, GPS, and accelerometer capabilities. Doesn’t look as though it is a stuffed bear of any sort, but more of a gremlin-Furby hybrid. This toy is able to store messages, read out stored audio books and offer fun trivia whenever the Woozee’s owner switches locations. It also works a bit like Neopets, where friends and family can send virtual gifts. Expect to see the Woozee cause a potential mad rush at lines next Christmas.

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