Vertu V Collection priced

Remember the Vertu V Collection which we covered earlier? Well, we now have pricing for those super luxurious accessories, where the Vertu V Bluetooth Headset is going for a (take a deep breath now) $730, giving you something made from stainless steel and high quality resin, coupled with a scratch resistant material with the option for you to hand polish it from time to time to maintain its lustre. As for the $490 Vertu V Memory Card Reader, don’t let us hear you complain about those weird Japanese card readers being so expensive from an import store any more, eh? Last but not least, we don’t think dropping $330 for a Vertu V Ballpoint Pen is well worth the price, even though it has a perfectly tuned twist mechanism to make it ergonomically balanced (like other pens which cost a couple of bucks, eh?).

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