Machine To Turn Your Office Paper Into Toilet Paper

Do you think that there is too much paper being wasted in your office? Well, the smart folks over in a Japanese company called Oriental have come up with a machine called White Goat. If you’re wondering what a machine with such a funny name does, it converts your normal paper into toilet paper. Just pop in about 40 sheets of paper, and wait for 30 minutes, and you’ll get a nice toilet roll for your efforts. The process involves shredding the paper, after which it is dissolved in water, thinned out, dried and wound into toilet rolls. Pretty cool. The company says it costs 10 Yen ($0.11) to churn out 1 roll, and regular usage of this machine will save up to 60 cedar trees annually. This would probably be a great machine to boost your eco credentials, though there is one snag: you might be cool with it being 1.8m tall and weighing 600kg, but it’ll be priced at $100,000 when it goes on sale in Japan this summer. Check out a video of it in action.

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