Neato XV-11 robotic all-floor vacuum system

[CES 2010] Too pooped from the day’s work at the office? Neato has just the thing for you with their XV-11 robotic all-floor vacuum system. It tips the scales at around 13 lb, and comes with an onboard Room Positioning System (RPS) which merges both laser vision and mapping technologies, allowing it to rely on its laser light to view its surroundings, while creating its own accurate map to clean. This would also take into account furniture, objects and doorways, updating the room’s map constantly so that it is always up to speed with your latest room decorating efforts. Using a back-and-forth pattern, you ought to be able to come home to a clean house every single day. Its square front is new, allowing it to reach corners while being low in profile ensures it ought to be able to get under most furniture without a problem. You can program an entire week’s cleaning schedule using but a few button presses – now how about that!

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