Teclast K3 ebook reader

Teclast has rolled out its K3 ebook reader that comes with a standard 6″ E-Ink display. Hmm, is the ebook reader market on its way to being another netbook mania, where virtually everyone shares the same specifications? Well, the K3 comes with Text-to-Speech functionality which might win some brownie points for those who make use of such functionality, although those of us who have experienced voice synthesizing would have come to realize that it grates on your ears after a few paragraphs, and you would much rather prefer to read the text yourself. As with any other decent ebook reader out there in the market, the Teclast K3 does MP3 and MP4 playback as well. There is no idea on pricing, but we do hope it comes with a decent library on the back end of things.

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